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Mini Trampoline with safety bar
  Looking for a Walker that won't add years to your look?  
Sleek, stylish design, low visual advantage. 
8 inch and 10 inch tires. Renewed confidence, 
look and feel great with
 your increased mobility!
Fitness Rollators

 Walk tall with great posture 

Mini Trampoline with safety bar
Health Bounce Pod
will help you rebound back to health! 
Absolute balance and stability.  Reduce falls, Renewed energy, Improved mood
and increased flexibility
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                                New Designs 
                                      & Technology  
Welcome to X-L-ENT Care Products.  We are pleased to offer you the best Rolling Walker to assist you with your mobility challenges.  This stylish walker is an all-terrain mobility aid that will keep you walking with safety and confidence.   Made in Sweden, these are like no other walker you have seen.

In keeping with supporting you in your goal for mobility and fitness, we are very excited to bring The HealthBounce Rebounder which is safe for everyone and has amazing health benefits even while keeping your feet in contact with the surface.  Gentle bouncing is fun and SO healthy for you!
Get Moving, Get Fit 
Rebound and Feel Great!

"I love the rebounder and find it easy to fit in a few minutes on it several times a day. I’m particularly working on my balance as I have peripheral neuropathy in my feet. The rebounder fits nicely into a corner of our bedroom, so it isn’t somewhere “out of sight; out of mind”. Thanks for your inquiry."
​Corvallis, OR

I am amazed by the quality of this device; it is absolutely silent in use! As long as I am careful not to make noise with my shoes I can actually sneak up on my cat with it! The other two rollators I have (a real heavy front-to-rear folding model that won’t stand up on its own when folded, and a lighter Euro style side folding version), pop, clank, creak, squeak, and even make some wheel noise when moving.

Our yard has 4” deep pea gravel over most of its surface, and I have been searching for over three years for something that will allow me to navigate the yard easily when I’m gardening. The first two rollators I bought just sink into the gravel and have to be moved about like basic walkers. I tried an adult tricycle that has an electric front wheel; and while this was finally able to traverse the yard, it flung stones in my face, left deep gullies in the gravel in its wake, and had to be going pretty fast to do it. These are all things of the past with my new Volaris S7 Smart/Patrol rollator! I can walk on the gravel nearly as easily as on a concrete floor thanks to its large wheels and softer tires, and the small tracks it leaves are sort of decorative!  

The Volaris S7 Smart series rollators are advertised as fitness rollators, and this is certainly true for me. It makes walking so much more enjoyable I am encouraged to take more walks, stand up straight, and attempt to increase my walking speed. One could probably run using one of these rollators for balance if they were physically able.

I took my Volaris S7 Smart/Patrol out in public for the first time today, and barely got into the door of the restaurant before a stranger stopped me to ask where I bought it! I need a rollator-mounted card case that allows me to get to my stash of handouts easily without having to dig in my pockets. 

Jason Moore
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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