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Mini Trampoline with safety bar
  Looking for a Walker that won't add years to your look?  
Sleek, stylish design, low visual advantage. 
8 inch and 10 inch tires. Renewed confidence, 
look and feel great with
 your increased mobility!
Fitness Rollators

 Walk tall with great posture 

Mini Trampoline with safety bar
Health Bounce Pod
will help you rebound back to health! 
Absolute balance and stability.  Reduce falls, Renewed energy, Improved mood
and increased flexibility
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                            Leading with 
                                New Designs 
                                      & Technology  
Welcome to X-L-ENT Care Products.  We are pleased to offer you the best Rolling Walker to assist you with your mobility challenges.  This stylish walker is an all-terrain mobility aid that will keep you walking with safety and confidence.   Made in Sweden, these are like no other walker you have seen.

In keeping with supporting you in your goal for mobility and fitness, we are very excited to bring The HealthBounce Rebounder which is safe for everyone and has amazing health benefits even while keeping your feet in contact with the surface.  Gentle bouncing is fun and SO healthy for you!
Get Moving, Get Fit 
Rebound and Feel Great!
"I have had my “chariot” two weeks now and I am totally thrilled. I suffered from mild polio in the early 60s and have no quads in the right thigh and the leg is much shorter. I managed to get through PE, played, taught and coached for years. 
Falling has been a part of my life but more so the past few years. After a bad fall, which I am still recovering from, I have been terrified to walk anywhere. Since I got my Patrol I walk my dog very day. We wander all over various terrain and I have gone on a great hike with friends across a meadow, up winding hills, seen spectacular scenery and made it home safe and sound. 
The walker is very light, easy to fold and one hand can lift it. (two to put in car neatly).
Being athletic but in my 60s, I resisted giving in to the walker but it has allowed me to go anywhere I want and feel safe doing it. This walker is great ! I tried a lot first. I especially like its design. It suits my personality.

Thanks for designing such a great support product."

Quispamsis, NB

"I love the rebounder and find it easy to fit in a few minutes on it several times a day. I’m particularly working on my balance as I have peripheral neuropathy in my feet. The rebounder fits nicely into a corner of our bedroom, so it isn’t somewhere “out of sight; out of mind”. Thanks for your inquiry."
​Corvallis, OR