Rollator Walker

Strong, yet lightweight extruded aluminum frame which is flexible to compensate for bumps and varied ground, keeping all four wheels in
contact with the surface.


no more worries about  repairing exposed brake cables that get caught on everything.



Collapses to 9" for storage and transport. See picture below


Adjustable from 30 - 40 inches for 
all heights!


Adjustable from 18 - 24 inches from floor level for your perfect seating height.


TIRES -      8 inches


Made in Sweden 

​    PRICE:  $ 524.00 USD  $598.00 CAD
Shipping:  $ 14.95**
**anywhere in the Continental US or Canada
(not including Alaska)

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Freedom of mobility is what you are looking for. You want to keep moving and increase your fitness level but you need to feel safe and well supported.  The Volaris SMART Rollator Walker is incredibly stable and study, giving you a feeling of confidence when you walk. It can climb curbs due to the flexible X frame, keeping all four wheels safely grounded.   It rolls beautifully giving a very smooth ride.  

You will also notice that you are able to walk straighter with the Volaris because you can walk well within the frame and since the handles are so adjustable to your exact needs, you will not need to lean or bend over, maintaining a much better posture.

Yes, the Volaris Rollators are more expensive, but when you are buying a product for your very mobility, it just doesn't make sense to cut corners.  
It is absolutely imperative that you have the confidence to take your rollator and go.  It must be dependable, collapsible and above all, safe and sturdy.  (Great looks don't hurt either!)   No more peeling and chipping painted tubular medal.   Just beautiful, lightweight extruded aluminum and quality plastics that will keep looking good as the years pass.   If you have had it with the cheap rollators and are ready for the next level of a rolling walker, you have found it with the Volaris SMART.   It will give you years of service free use, allowing you the freedom to keep moving.  
The X-frame of the SMART allows for side folding of the rollator, collapsing to only a 9 inches width, so storage and transport in a vehicle does not take much space.

Volaris adjustable backrest for Smart folding rollator walker
Volaris Smart rollator walker with seat and four wheels and basket
The Backrest and Mesh/Textile Basket (folds with the rollator)  are the most popular accessories for the Volaris SMART.  See Accessory page for complete list
Same as Standard except cushioned, ergonomic handles and enclosed brake cables
                                         Toll-Free  1-866-315-9305                              

Same as
except for color-The Shadow has darker grey and black (no orange)
Same as the SMART/Patrol except it has 8" wheels, not the Patrol's 10" softer tire
Volaris SMART Fitness Rollator
​Technical Specifications

​SMART                             $ 524.00 USD 
                                                   $ 598.00 CAD
Above pricing includes Mounted Transport Strap

Weight 16 lbs
Personal weight capacity 330 lbs
Width 23 inches
Length  29 inches 
Seat width  16 1/2 inches 
Height:  30-40 inches
Seat height:  18-24 inches
Width folded  9 inches
Wheel size (diameter x width) 8 X 1.25 inches

SMART Low                         $ 524.00 USD
                                                        $ 598.00 CAD
Above pricing includes Mounted Transport Strap
Weight  15.5 lbs
Personal weight capacity 330 lbs 
Width 23 inches
Length 29 inches
Seat width 16 1/2 inches
Height:  26.7-32.7 inches
Seat height 18-19.6 inches 
Width folded 9 inches 
Wheel size (diameter x width) 8 X 1.25 inches 

SMART Wide                    $591.00 USD
                                                    $675.00 CAD
Above pricing includes Mounted Transport Strap

Weight 17.5 lbs
Personal weight capacity 330 lbs 
Width 25.5
Length 29 inches 
Seat width 19 inches 
Height:  30-40 inches 
Seat height  18-24 inches
Width folded 9 inches
Wheel size (diameter x width) 8 X 1.25 inches

SMART Wide and Low       $591.00 USD
                                                       $675.00 CAD

Above pricing includes Mounted Transport Strap 
   Standard handle
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Adjustable (circumference) backrest 
"I do love it...The SMART has saved the day in airports and has made me be able to join the family on outings and do not feel like I am using a walker. My husband felt it was a little pricy but after I used it a few times, he decided it was worth the money. I get comments on it all the time about how nice it looks, etc.

It is less bulky and with no brake lines or wires to get in the way, stows away easily, even in a Mustang trunk!  

Would buy it again."

Geneseo, IL

                 Simply the Classiest                                Rollator on the market!
Karen -- I am recently back from Scotland and need to tell you that I could not have done this trip with anything less than my Volaris Shadow. It carried me over all sorts of terrain -- cobblestone streets, brick streets, paths of loose stones as well as embedded stones, soft grass, ascents & descents -- just rolling merrily along. And it was so easy to fold and gate check at the door of the airplanes. I am elated that I was able to manage this wonderful trip, enabled by this wonderful rollator. 

...Any way I can spread the good word I am happy to do so.
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