Frequently Asked Questions - Walkers for Seniors and Young People

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell through Home Healthcare stores?

We do not sell through stores but sell and supply directly from our website. Due to the exceptional quality of the Volaris rollators Made in Sweden, the cost is much higher than the Chinese manufactured rollators. If we were to go through a middleman (the store) the price would be much higher and perhaps out of the reach of many people.  We put up large pictures of the rollators so you can really see what you are getting, and we try and provide as much information as possible so that you are comfortable with your choice. The people who purchase the Volaris are those that have done their research, read the testimonials, and had all their questions answered. These also tend to be experienced rollator users who have had the cheap rollators in the past and now know what they are looking for.

Does Medicare pay for a portion of the cost?

No, the rollators listed with Medicare can be found in your local DME store - nothing like the Volaris...

Should I worry about ordering on-line?

Please don't worry. We guarantee you will receive a quality product with no surprises. We pride ourselves in our mission to give you a personal experience when dealing with X-L-ENT Care. If you have any concerns, call us. You will be speaking to someone who is very knowledgeable on the products, not simply an order-taker. Our customers so appreciate the service we provide.

How do I order and pay for a Volaris Rollator?

You can order from our on-line store and it will accept most credit cards to pay or use Paypal at checkout. If you prefer, you may call us directly to order and we can take MC or Visa over the phone. We do not keep your credit cards in our system for security. Either way is safe and easy.

Do I pay any customs or duty charges?

No, all duties and customs clearance costs are already taken care of before you purchase. US customers have their rollators shipped from Niagara Falls, NY. Canadian customers take delivery from Milton, ON

Is tax included?

There is no tax on mobility devices at this time

How quickly is the product shipped after ordering?

If the model is in stock and if the order is placed early enough in the day we can sometimes ship the same day. Otherwise it will be next day shipping. A UPS or FEDEX tracking number and delivery date is provided after shipping.

What if the Volaris rollator is not suitable for me?

If you open the box, try it around your home and find it is not what you hoped for, you can return it to us freight prepaid by you. We do not charge any re-stocking fee. We can tell you, you will not return it due to the design or quality. You will be so impressed.

What is the warranty?

Volaris provides a 2 year warranty on the structure (this does not cover normal wear and tear portions such as the handles, tires or brakes) Service issues are highly unlikely with the Volaris. Although we cannot guarantee it, as one customer put it "If it is Made in Sweden you won't have to worry about repairs".

What IF I do have something that needs repair?

We stock all parts so we can get the parts to you quickly. It is a relatively simple product and can be repaired by anyone mechanical, such as the guy who works in your local Bike Shop, or the service guy in your local Home Healthcare store. They are happy to have your service business. We are always available also to help you to locate a repair venue.

Why is the flexible frame of the Volaris such a important feature?

When you come up against any obstruction such as a rock, uneven payment or the threshold between rooms, a typical rigid-frame rollator will "bounce" whereas a flexible frame compensates and allows all four wheels to remain grounded as you travel across the uneven surface. This is also what makes it so superior for curb climbing and comfortable when going over the thresholds in your home and bumpy ground outside.

Why does the Volaris cost more than most rollators?

The exceptional quality means that you will not be replacing the rollator within a few years as you might with most others. You will not have the frustration of parts breaking down often and having the expense and down time with repairs. Good quality tires are a must as you may be putting a lot of miles on your rollator. Since a rollator provides you with your very mobility you need to be able to count on your Volaris every day. Mobility and Safety has to be one of the most important areas of your life and well worth the investment.

Will I have to assemble the Volaris upon delivery?

All models come completely assembled, ready to roll out of the box. Any accessories you order do need to be installed by yourself and are easy to do and are provided with instructions.

​Should I order the Patrol with the 10" tires or is the 8" good enough?

The 8 inch and 10 inch are both all-terrain tires.   The 8 inch is good for cut grass, small gravel, dirt roads, cobblestones, and of course indoors.  The 10 inch tire of the Smart/Patrol is more for people who are always, or often dealing with rough terrain - perhaps you live in a rural area, walk in the woods everyday, have a cottage or just like the bigger tires.   The Patrol allows you the confidence to know that you can go just about anywhere.  The larger, softer tire makes the more challenging terrain easier to deal with and feel less bumpy. If on the other hand, you live in a urban area and only use the sidewalks and visit malls and parks, then the 8 inch tires will do well for you.  If you still aren't sure, call us. We will help you decide.

Do I need to put air in the tires?

None of the Volaris rollators are air-filled - just a quality rubber tire.

Why not just use a cane?

We had a customer buy from us after he went to visit his wife in the hospital. He uses a cane but because he had to go such a long way from the parking lot to the far side of the hospital he decided to try her rollator. He could not believe how he could "motor" with better posture and less pain. He was so excited to get his new rollator! We hear this same story from so many prior cane users.

There is such a price difference between the Standard and the SMART - why?

The frame of the Standard and the SMART are exactly the same. On the Standard the brake cables are exposed on the outside while the Smart has the cables hidden inside the handle.  It is the hand grip that is the big difference. The SMART hand grips are anatomically better designed (there is a platform for the pad of your hand) and are cushioned and non-slip.  If you tend to lean into your walker to take weight off while walking, the Smart handle would be important.  Also the travel brake on the Smart is separate from the hand grip (like a bike) so your fingers are just grip the hand grip.   The Standard hand grip is a hard, cylindrical shape and has the travel brake as part of the handle so your fingers are always extended around both the handle and the travel brake. However, it is the same quality rollator with the wonderful design and flexible frame, adjustable seat and handles, etc. What we tell people is this: if you can afford it, buy the SMART. If money is a real issue for you, then you will be very happy to get such a quality rollator with a wonderful sporty design at such a good price (while it lasts).

Are the accessories difficult to put on?

The accessories are easy to install. We have videos on installation of most accessories and we are always available to help!