How to Choose the Right Walker / Rolling Walker


                         Image result for picture of walker for seniors                              Volaris Smart All-Terrain Fitness Rollator Walker with seat and 8 inch wheels

A walker is typically known as an aluminum frame that you lift or slide in front of you with every step. It has no wheels or perhaps 2 small wheels in the front.  These walker types are necessary for some - for example post surgery whereby you need to move very slowly and precisely.   A rollator/walker also known as a rolling walker has four wheels, a seat and a braking system. ​


A wheeled walker or will allow you to go many places that you may not have attempted before, such as grass, gravel, etc..   If you have balance issues or if you need to "unload" a bit as you walk this will give you the ability and  confidence to walk more.   Unique with the Volaris is that you will be able to lean into the handles if you need to because they are appropriately located in line with your shoulders due to the fact that you can walk within the frame and stand straight - not pushing the walker in front of you - all hunched over.   Leaning into the handles will take some pressure off arthritic or weak areas.  Having a walker with wheels and seat means you will be able to "roll" along helps to improve your ability to walk normally.  A walker with seat will also allow you to sit and rest on the rollator - it is often difficult to find somewhere to sit when you need to. ​​

You can begin to go many places that you may not have attempted before, such as grass, gravel, etc.. It helps if you have balance issues and helps if you need to "unload" a bit as you walk.  With the Volaris you will be able to lean into the handles if you need to because they are appropriately located in line with your shoulders due to the fact that you can walk within the frame and stand up straight.   This will take some pressure off arthritic or weak areas.  Being able to "roll" along helps to improve your ability to walk normally.   If you find that the rollator is too "free wheeling" for you then you can purchase Slow Down brakes that slows the overall speed of the walker to suite your needs.   Baskets and many other accessories are available as well to carry you purse, water bottle, etc.​ ​​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​​

WHAT SIZE WHEELS ON MY WALKER SHOULD I CHOOSE? ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

Depending on where you will be using your rollator most - if you are living in the city and only plan on using it to and from the mall, cut grass, small gravel, cobblestones or dirt roads then the SMART rollator with the 8 inch tire is for you. The 8 inch tires are good indoors as well. The quality of the Volaris 8 inch tire is not the same as another rollator's 8 inch wheel.   The cushioned rubber tires are made with ball bearings in the wheels, which give you a smooth, quiet ride. The Volaris walkers maneuver beautifully and quietly.  We do not recommend going smaller than 8 inch tires when using a rollator/walker outdoors. ​ If you are more active (or would like to be) and want the ability to take your rollator/walker to rougher terrain such as wooded areas, long grassy areas like around a cottage or lake, or larger stone parts of a beach, than the Volaris Smart/PATROL with the slightly softer, 10 inch tires is for you.  Unless you have a small apartment or house, the PATROL is great for indoors as well as it maneuvers beautifully.  Keep in mind that when you opt for the Patrol with the 10 inch tire than the frame is 3 inches longer from front wheel to back wheel and it is 3 lbs heavier to put in your car.  If you read through our testimonials you will see that our customers love the SMART Patrol rollator walker for rough terrain! ​   If you have rough terrain to deal with the but bigger frame and weight of the Patrol is a problem then you may want to consider the Discovery model.   This is the same overall size and weight of the 8 inch tire models BUT the tires are even more cushioned and slightly wider to help with the terrain.


Volaris Rollator Walkers belong to a modern design of rollators manufactured in Sweden.   Like other rollators, it is a wheeled walker, only the Volaris is more versatile than the rest. It has a flexible frame that flexes when encountering bumps or rough terrain so that all four wheels remain grounded. This is not only a comfort issue, but a safety issue. Typical rollators “bounce” in similar circumstances because their frames are rigid.   This flexible frame also allows easy curb climbing.   The Volaris also has a looped braking system that is unique. Its uniqueness extends to other features too like the seat height which adjusts between 18-24 inches.   The handles are equally easy to adjust on the spot for correct height 30-40 inches, and then to lower to compact it to put in a car.   It is strong and sturdy as it has 8 inch wheels and (10 inch wheels on the SMART/Patrol model) and has the capacity to support a personal weight of about 330 lbs. ​ This Euro designed walker is ISO certified and therefore is of very high quality and well tested.    The walker's premium quality, cushioned handles and the ease with which one can fold the rollator and put it into a car or storage make it very attractive.   Even when it is collapsed and folded, it stands in a balanced manner because of its X-frame design.   It is easy to brake and the user always has their hand on the handle and the travel brakes are within safe and easy reach under the handle.   That is why it is the ideal walker for people who are weak or those who may have balance issues. ​ People of different heights can use it and still be comfortable because of the adjustability of the seat and handles.   Generally speaking, it is suitable for someone 5 foot to over 6 foot 5 inches (and more if they choose the Patrol model with the 10 inch tires).   For those under 5 feet tall, we have the LOW models - the same walker but the handles go down lower, but not as high.  See our page on Measuring For Correct Size.


When you are looking for a Walker for Seniors - don't assume seniors don't also want something that does not age them like typical walkers.  Volaris users are of all ages, sometimes even very active but with some balance issues or sometimes they just need a little support to take some of the load off when walking.   This is not just a walker for seniors - we also have a lot of younger people with MS or Parkinson's that need a walker and like the Volaris because it is a youthful and sporty looking walker.   If you are looking for a walker for a young person then you have found it with the Volaris.  Just because you need a walker doesn't mean you have to look older or more dependent than you are.   The Volaris rollator looks more like a Fitness Walker than a walker for the elderly.

"I am a 57 year old male and was injured in a motorcycle accident. As I recover I was told I would need a "walker", and so my research began. As I began looking on-line I couldn't see myself with the old looking walkers I saw "old" people use. Then I saw a picture of a Volaris. The design lines simply spoke young looking, fashionable, trendy, and screamed excellent quality! I contacted the company and "met" Tracy. Customer service was extraordinaire from first contact to completion of the sale. I received the Volaris, and was more impressed as I began to use it. This unit is stable, well built, adjust easily, including the seat height! I also highly recommend the following accessories. First the cup holder. It holds a "to go" cup perfectly, your hands now free to use the rollator. The basket is a must have. Again when using a rollator you need your hands on the comfortable hand grips, so many items can be carried in the basket. Seat padding is dual purpose. It is a comfortable place to rest your butt, but is also a non-slip surface to grip the accessory food tray. It is awesome, place your food items, and a cup of your favorite beverage on the tray then go sit down and enjoy! ​ Thank you Tracy for your excellent customer service, I'm sure your job is easy as I am certain there are few complaints from anyone purchasing a Volaris!" ​ Greg D. Orillia, Ontario 


You have all seen those people who have rollators that end up hunched over pushing the walker in front of them.   This is because they cannot get close enough to the handles to stand up straight.  If they try they will either kick the tires with their feet or hit the seat with their knees.   Due to the design of the Volaris frame and seat you can walk inside the frame.    This means you can use the walker standing straight and have the handles in-line with your shoulders where your strength and balance is.   You will be amazed at how much further - and with more energy - you can walk when you have good posture and proper support!


The Volaris all terrain walkers are conveniently light to lift -  around 16 lbs (the Patrol with the 10 inch tires is 19 lbs.)  The only reason this rugged walker is so lightweight is due to the aluminum frame.   The seat width on the regular size is 16.5 inches.  This measurement is taken at the most narrow part of the seat but keep in mind that the biggest part of you is actually behind those uprights.  In other words it is the top of your thighs when sitting that are between the narrowest part (16.5 inches).  If you think you need a wider seat then go for the WIDE models which give you 2 inches more on the seat.  There are also LOW models available for shorter people. ​ The handles go lower but don't go as high (you won't need them to go high).   If you need the LOW but also need a wider seat there are the LOW/WIDE models. 

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