How to Measure For your Walker Rollator Rolling Walker

Stand as tall and straight as possible and have someone measure:   from the floor to where your hand meets your wrist (not your wrist bone but below that).  Look inside your wrist and you will see the first line above your hand.  That's the spot!   Be sure to have your arms relaxed at your sides for the measurement.

height-adjustment.jpgWalker for Seniors


Remember to leave room for shrinkage - we are all shrinking!   The regular size Volaris walkers adjust from 30-40 inches.  So if you find your measurement is at 30 inches you may want to choose a LOW model which will adjust from 26.7 - 32.7 inches on a 8 inch tire model.   Otherwise if you shrink an inch you will not be able to lower your handles on the regular size. 

The Volaris Patrol with the 10 inch tires adjust from 32-42 inches and the Patrol LOW adjusts from 29 - 34.5 inches.

Measurement for handles