Volaris Smart Patrol Fitness  Walker with 10 inch wheels for rough ground

PATROL All Terrain Fitness Rollator Walker with seat and 10 inch wheels. This is excellent for those with daily rough terrain

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  • Product Description

    Want the freedom to go places that a typical rollator walker can't take you?  See Video below

    The PATROL is a stable rollator made from soft shock absorbing material with four over-sized wheels - 10 inch wheels, making your walk outdoors a breeze.  The tires are a cushioned, quality rubber tire.  This all terrain walker with seat is complete with an  X-frame design which facilitates quick and easy folding and ensures that the rollator stands steadily in the folded position. The unique flexible frame helps keep all four wheels grounded when conversing over rough or bumpy ground as it is the frame that flexes.  This also lessens the jarring effect through the hands and upper body when travelling over bumpy ground which is why is is also referred to as the "Comfort Frame".

    Uniquely designed so you can walk tall with great posture.  No more stooping over pushing your walker in front of you! 

    The Volaris PATROL is the same rugged design of the SMART except it has the bigger, slightly softer tires.   When you need a walker with big wheels the PATROL is for you.  Due to the larger wheels, the frame from back tire to front tire is slightly longer (32 inches compared to 29 inches on the SMART). The PATROL has become extremely popular. The Patrol is best for people who are often, or always dealing with rougher terrain, live in the country or have a cottage, or just like the ability to go off road when you want to. This rugged walker gives you the freedom and confidence to know that you are not so restricted in your activities. The Patrol is not so big for most homes that it could not be used indoors as well. The seat and handle height on the Patrol can be quickly and easily adjusted.    

    The Patrol comes in 4 sizes:  REGULAR

                                                   LOW (for people under 5' 2")  

                                                   WIDE (for people who need a wider seat)


    To determine the height range you need, please measure from the floor to your wrist level when standing with arms relaxed at your sides.   That is the height the handle should be adjusted to.  See the specifications of the different sizes below.   *If you are unsure which model is correct for you please contact us.


    You will find the Volaris PATROL rollator walker to be the Best Rollator on the market for so many reasons... 

                                                * All-Terrain Rollator Walker with 10 inch Wheels and Seat

                                                * "Walk within the frame"

                                                * Enclosed brake cables 

                                                * Cushioned, non slip and ergonomically designed handles

                                                * Can be quickly and easily adjusted from 32 - 42 inches in height

                                                * Adjustable seat 20 - 26 inches

                                                * Good choice for tall people

                                                * Mounted Transport Strap included

                                                * Patented link system brake function

                                                * The travel and parking brakes are very accessible and easy to operate

                                                * Ball bearings in the wheels giving you a smooth, quiet ride

                                                * A stylish, sporty looking rollator walker that won't add years to your look! 

                                                * Exceptional quality

                                                * Comes completely assembled! 

                                                * Great range of different accessories available, including a backrest and basket (easily installed by customer)

                                                * The Patrol is manufactured in Sweden 

    Patents have been applied for covering both construction and design. The rollator is developed in accordance with the prevailing standard for walking aids, ISO 11199-2:2005
                                                     Versions : Regular, Low, Wide, Wide/Low              Colors: natural anodized aluminum with orange controls



                                PATROL                                                      (lbs & inches)





    Weight:  19

    Weight:  18.5

    Weight:  19

    Weight:  19

    User Weight Cap:  330

    User Weight:   330

    User Weight: 352

    User Weight:   352

    Outside Width:  23

    Outside Width:  23

    Outside Width:  25

    Outside Width:  25

    Between wheels:  16.5

    Between wheels: 16.5

    Between wheels: 19

    Between wheels: 19

    Width Folded:  9

    Width Folded:  9

    Width Folded: 9

    Width Folded:  9

    Length:  32

    Length:  32

    Length:  32

    Length:  32

    Seat Width:  16.5

    Seat Width:  16.5 in

    Seat Width:   19

    Seat Width:   19

    Seat Height:  20-26

    Seat Height:  20-21.5

    Seat Height:  20-26

    Seat Height:  20 – 21.5

    Handle Ht:  32-42

    Handle Ht:  29 - 34.5

    Handle Ht:  32-42

    Handle Ht:  29 - 34.5

    Wheel Size:  10 X 1.25

    Wheel Size:  10 X 1.25

    Wheel Size:  10 X 1.25

    Wheel Size:  10 X 1.25


  • Product Reviews


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      This walker is amazing. Walked around the house for a few days to make sure it was what I wanted and took it for my first test drive around the block yesterday. My problems are related to balance and the Patrol gave me the stability I needed to navigate cracked sidewalks and bumpy street crossings. on 2018 Mar 2nd

    2. Super Walker

      Only had the walker for a few weeks but are very pleased. We live on a farm and looking for a quality walker that could hold up to rougher terrain. The sleek design with no external wires, the larger wheels and weight were primary considerations in our selection. The Patrol Volaris is definitely pricey but the quality of walker will hopefully be worth the higher cost. on 2018 Jan 19th

    3. Great Design

      When I started to have difficulty walking long distances due to spinal stenosis and pronounced scoliosis, I bought a Chinese-made rollator. It worked well enough in the city, but I missed the country walks on dirt trails that I loved to take. So I went online to see if there was a walker that I could use on rough terrain, and I found the Volaris Patrol.

      It’s a great walker. It’s stable, the frame is flexible, it absorbs shocks, it’s easy to adjust, it folds easily, and the seat is comfortable. My Volaris is also far superior for walking in the city on uneven pavement and going up and down curbs, so I use it everywhere. As an added plus it looks great. I’m really glad I decided buy it.
      on 2017 Nov 24th

    4. Mobility and Access and Posture Reinfircement and Theraputic Exercise all in one

      I am 71 years old . Until I was 68 I could walk upright and normally until I suddenly developed Complex Scoliosis with a double curvature of my spine along with Stenosis which severely limited my mobility and resulted in relentless pain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. My surgeon surmised that a motorcycle accident when I landed upside down hitting the ground vertically on my head back in the day when I was in the military during the Viet Nam conflict was the spinal trauma that came back to haunt me in the form of my Scoliosis.

      I should have broken my neck and been paralyzed or dead. I lucked out and now am paying back that luck debt. In addition to feeling like a 900 pound gorilla is following me around and is constantly relentlessly pushing me forward , down and to the left trying to knock me over.

      I used a standard 4 wheel walker and a 3 wheel walker and canes to try to move upright but I always was bent over like someone pushing a shopping cart in a parking lot looking for cans to recycle due to the design of those walkers. In addition the eccentric load this put on me upper body aggravated my severe arthritis in my shoulders and upper back.

      I discovered the Volaris walkers which promised straight up posture while moving from point A to point B. My Smart Patrol Rollerator is a God send. I've used it for the last few weeks with stunning results. It allows me to walk normally, straight up and down and keeps that 900 pound gorilla off my back. in addition my arms and shoulders are aligned when I walk correcting the eccentric loads on my upper body.

      My pain has diminished by as much as 50% directly due to the design of the Smart Patrol Rollerator . Using it enables me to maintain my posture, exercise my core muscles as I move and reduce my pain. The flex frame design allows remarkable balance and stability and the 10 inch wheels are a tremendous aid to overcoming curbs and other ground level obstacles.

      The ability to fold the Rollerator is a boon to not only being out of the way in public venues but lets you narrow your foot print on the go to navigate narrow spaces.

      The cables inside the frame tubing eliminate snagging and catching cables on everything that sticks out around you.

      The construction of my Smart Patrol is robust and can take a bump or whack without complaint or problems. Everything has been designed to maximize comfort and minimize my disability and pain.

      I named my Rollerator "Viggo" AKA "Vig", "Viggy". Viggy and I are inseparable and Vig is easily loaded in the back seat, the back of the Van or in the trunk with ease.

      Thank you Xlent Care for making the Volaris Smart Patrol available and thank the designers at Volaris for their excellent work in producing a machine that accomplishes so much mobility and access and freedom while providing therapeutic exercise to combat my back and upper body pain.


      on 2017 Nov 20th

    5. Great Walker

      I have been using my Volaris Patrol walker for several weeks now. It was sent in well-designed packaging and arrived promptly and in good condition. The larger wheels make it extremely easy to use in the yard. The ease of adjusting the height of the handles and seat make it very easy to find the proper settings for you. I find that I can walk more upright and within the walker not pushing it out ahead of me as I had to with my old walker. There is no comparison with the ease of using the brakes especially the parking brakes between the Volaris and my old unit, not only are they easier to use but much more effective. The ability to collapse this walker and have it stand up is a great feature. I would suggest that someone purchase the fabric mesh basket for a place to put things, like the mail, when using the walker. It folds up without problems when you fold the walker. I have had several people enquire about the walker and am only sorry I did not get one sooner on 2017 Oct 6th

    6. People do notice it!

      My father purchased a Volaris PATROL walker. He is happy with it (coming from Dad, that says a lot!) - and especially appreciates the large wheels when walking on outdoor trails and terrain. He commented, "People do notice it" and went on to elaborate that people have commented, been curious and/or impressed with it. on 2017 May 1st

    7. Very stable rolling walker

      I've been using the Volaris Smart (Patrol) rollator for a few months now and am enjoying the stability, the comfort, and the large wheels. I can go over obstacles like train tracks and broken pavement easily. on 2017 Apr 5th

    8. S7 Smart Patrol

      Being able to walk standing straight not hunched over all of the time is for me the greatest benefit. I have severe mobility, balance and dexterity issues and the Volaris rollator helps me everyday. on 2017 Mar 13th

    9. Par Excellent

      I have owned the Patrol for 2 1/2 years now and can only say "thank you!" It enables me to be safely mobile. I was 69 when I purchased my first Patrol, after using inferior competitive products experiencing embarrassing face plants, we determined to pay the extra and get the Patrol. We enjoy too many places on farms and recreational areas to be limited unnecessarily. We have never had a product that so many people continually inquire about and to which we gladly take the time to encourage their pursuit of this excellent, well thought out product. My first Patrol has served me well and with the purchase of a second one will become a dedicated rough terrain and work tool while the new one will get more refined duty. Again, Thanks! on 2017 Feb 18th

    10. My Patrol Rocks!!!!

      I find it handles easily-goes over little bumps like nothing's there. And, going into buildings where there is a small raised edge to go over, well, it handles like a knife through butter. It collapses down easily. I keep it in my Volkswagen Beetle Convertible! True, I don't have room for other people, but my Patrol has helped me be more more physically active. I get lots of compliments on how it looks. I am Soooo happy that my husband and I purchased it. on 2017 Feb 16th

    11. Great product

      This rollator has so improved the quality of my life. I have severe hip arthritis and a slipped disc so walking is extremely difficult even with a cane. This Patrol is so sturdy and maneuverable that I can even do some outdoors tasks with it. I can walk uphill to get my mail. I use it to push my recycle bin to the curb. I sit on it and use my telescoper gadget to clean gutters. I can do simple sweeping, raking, shoveling -- not wholesale big jobs, but I can handle my walkways. I even use it indoors as a cleaning aid -- I sort of bend over the seat, rest my belly there and can use my arms/hands to clean pet accidents, etc. The Patrol folds easily, is lightweight -- I can easily lift it into my car's trunk. I wish the seat was a bit wider, but otherwise love it. on 2017 Feb 16th

    12. Best walker ever!

      I have the all terrain model which I have taken all around the world as checked luggage, twice. It has survived this, plus various tours and cruises.
      It goes over the rough cobble stone, like an all terrain vehicle and is light enough that I can pick it over curbs.
      I wish i had bought the wider model, which would provide better lateral stability.
      The only fault is the plastic handles for the hand brake -- they should be metal, since, I have already broken one. Also the plastic cover over the front wheel nut came off, but this did not affect functionality.
      Many people have asked me about it and they copied the info from the label.
      Hint, hint, If I had cards I would pass them out.


      You should NEVER check your Volaris like luggage - you know how the airlines handle luggage! Instead take it to the plane door and let them walk it down to cargo from there. They will bring it to you when you get off the plane at the other end of your trip. Amazing it survived.
      In 7 years we have rarely replaced the orange brake levers - it is very high grade plastic. Contact us to order a new one - easily fixed.
      on 2017 Feb 16th

    13. People stop me all the time

      This product has allowed me to participate in my grandchildrens sporting events, by supporting me walking across the ball field. It allows me to walk up inclines using the hand brakes and having a seat with a back rest is quite comfortable.
      I'm stopped by people all the time and have given test drives and business cards to those that ask. This is such a wonderful product, I intend to buy a 2nd unit to keep in the house and use my current rolator for outdoors.
      Thank you.
      on 2017 Feb 16th

    14. All Terrain freedom

      The large wheels on my new all terrain walker (I call the Land Rover—pet name) gives me the freedom to walk around on my eighty acre property. Before, my little walker wouldn't go beyond our patio. We have dirt roads in this high desert Arizona area and mostly use 1/2 to 1 inch cinder rock to make the roads passable in bad weather. My original walker with little wheels absolutely would not go over these rocks, but the large wheels on my new all terrain walker glide right over them. Finally I'm getting muscle tone back.

      on 2017 Feb 14th

    15. All terrain

      I live on 80 acres in the high desert of Arizona. We often use cinder stone (about 1 inch rocks) to cover our dirt roads. that helps to keep the roads passable during poor weather conditions.

      With my original walker I found that it refused to go over the cinder rocks so I've been pretty much housebound. This all terrain walker has opened the outdoors for me and I'm finally getting my leg muscle strength. I'm in love with it and is so well built it should last me a lifetime.
      on 2017 Feb 10th

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    All-Terrain Fitness Rollator Walker | Volaris S7 Smart/Patrol

    Make your walk outside a breeze...The 10" softer tire on the PATROL Fitness walker means you can talk those walks through the woods, on gravel paths and down to the lake. Made in Sweden, the S7 SMART/Patrol is stylish, collapsible and easy to transport. Backrest and lots of other accessories available. Sold in Canada and US. by X-L-ENT Care Products 1-866-315-9503 www.xlentcare.com
  • Warranty Information

    2 year warranty on the structure. This does not include wear and tear parts such as tires, brake cables, and hand grips.

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