Volaris Smart/Shadow All-Terrain Rollator Walker with 8 inch wheels and seat

SHADOW Rolling / Rollator Walker with seat and 8 inch wheels. This is just a color difference from the Smart model

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    SHADOW Fitness Rollator Walker for Discreet Rollating!

    The SHADOW Walker is a stylish rolling walker that is lightweight and yet rugged to deal with rough terrain.  The cushioned, quality, 8 inch, all terrain tires of this walker maneuver beautifully and will deal very nicely with cut grass, small gravel, cobblestones, dirt roads, and of course indoors.

    The SHADOW is exactly the same as the Smart walker except for the color.  The Shadow model is a toned down version without any orange as is on the Smart walker.   It has a darker grey frame and is trimmed with black.  This coloring is only available on the Shadow model.   This is a very attractive, discreet walker. Younger people in particular find the Shadow coloring of this walker to be most desirable.   It comes with the Smart hand grip which is cushioned, non slip and ergonomically shaped for your hand.   There is a platform for the pad of your hand - this will be important if you need to lean into your walker as you walk for support or to take weight off.   This high quality walker features the X-frame design found on all Volaris walkers and facilitates quick and easy folding and ensures that the rollator stands steadily in the folded position. The unique flexible frame helps keep all four wheels grounded when conversing over rough or bumpy ground as it is the X frame that flexes.  This also lessens the jarring effect through the hands and upper body when travelling over bumpy ground or thresholds between rooms, hence the term "Comfort Frame".

    Volaris walkers are uniquely designed so you can walk tall with great posture.  No more stooping over pushing your walker in front of you! 

    The seat and handle height on the SHADOW walker can be easily adjusted.  To determine the correct height - measure from floor level to your wrist when you are standing with your arms relaxed at your sides.  This is the correct height for you.   This means that one walker can be adapted to suit tall or shorter people and we have a LOW model for people under 5 foot and a WIDE model for those who need more room on the seat.   If you are unsure which model is best for you please contact us.

    If you are looking for a walker with four wheels that has low visual advantage you will find the Volaris Shadow walker the best rollator on the market!

                                                                     * All-Terrain Walker with 8 inch tires and seat

                                                                     * Walk "within the frame"

                                                                     * Enclosed brake cables 

                                                                     * Cushioned, non slip and ergonomically designed handles

                                                                     * Quickly and easily adjusted from 30 - 40 inches in height

                                                                     * Adjustable seat 18 - 24 inches

                                                                     * Mounted Transport strap included

                                                                     * Good choice for tall people too 

                                                                     * Patented link system brake function

                                                                     * The travel and parking brakes are very accessible and easy to operate

                                                                     * Ball bearings in the wheels giving you a smooth, quiet ride

                                                                     * A stylish, modern looking rollator walker that won't add years to your look! 

                                                                     * Exceptional quality

                                                                     * Comes completely assembled! 

                                                                      * Great range of different accessories available, including a backrest and basket (easily installed by customer)

                                                                     * The SHADOW is manufactured in Sweden 

    Patents have been applied for covering both construction and design. The rollator is developed in accordance with the prevailing standard for walking aids, ISO 11199-2:2005
                                                     Versions : Regular, Low, Wide, Low/Wide              Colors: natural anodized and black anodized aluminum
    ​Technical Specifications
    Weight 16 lbs
    Personal weight capacity 330 lbs
    Width 23 inches
    Length  29 inches 
    Seat width  16.5 inches 
    Height:  30-40 inches
    Seat height:  18-24 inches
    Width folded  9 inches
    Wheel size (diameter x width) 8 X 1.25 inches


    SHADOW (LOW)           For people 5 foot and under        

    Weight  15.5 lbs
    Personal weight capacity 330 lbs 
    Width 23 inches
    Length 29 inches
    Seat width 16.5 inches
    Height:  26.7-32.7 inches
    Seat height 18-19.6 inches 
    Width folded 9 inches 
    Wheel size (diameter x width) 8 X 1.25 inches 


    SHADOW  (WIDE)              

    Weight 17 lbs
    Personal weight capacity 330 lbs 
    Width 25.5 inches
    Length 29 inches 
    Seat width 19 inches 
    Height:  30-40 inches 
    Seat height  18-24 inches
    Width folded 9 inches
    Wheel size (diameter x width) 8 X 1.25 inches


    SHADOW  (WIDE & LOW)        For people 5 foot and under

    Weight  16 lbs
    Personal weight capacity 330 lbs 
    Width 25.5 inches
    Length 29 inches
    Seat width 19 inches
    Handle height:  26.7-32.7 inches
    Seat height 18-19.6 inches 
    Width folded 9 inches 
    Wheel size (diameter x width) 8 X 1.25 inches


  • Product Reviews


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    1. Perfect for my Needs

      This is hands-down the best rollator I've had my hands on. I was a little concerned that it would be difficult to use in our smallish and rather over-furnished home, but it moves and tracks so well that I have found virtually no traps. It clears all our doorways. One congested hallway I can negotiate easily just by folding the Volaris a little without loss of stability. The ability to stand normally, have a place to sit, tote things with me from the kitchen to living room etc. is a great boon. Away from home, it is much surer than any walker I've tried. The construction and hardware are top-notch.

      I do wish that it folded a little flatter because we have a little difficulty getting it into the backseat of our compact Camry. But, it fits in the trunk without a problem.
      on 2018 Feb 14th

    2. Excellent Rollator

      This is a well-designed, well-built, comfortable rollator that is easy to use while allowing me to walk upright. I expect to get many years of satisfaction from my Volaris Shadow. on 2017 Aug 8th

    3. all walkers should be this awesome!

      If you want to make an investment in yourself and your wellbeing, the cost is well worth it. I understand it is an investment, but encourage you to experience this walker. I sound like a salesperson, but this walker leaves all others in the dust.

      It maneuvers beautifully, provides for a much better gait experience, doesn't clatter the pavement and thus your body, and collapses for transport extremely well. All other walkers should truly be this awesome. I am delighted!
      on 2017 Jul 3rd

    4. I enjoy my walker very much, it's wonderful.

      I Thank Karen for all the help she has given to me about my walker, it's very comfortable, again Thanks.
      Carolyn Ackerman.
      on 2017 Mar 31st

    5. Life Changing!

      I have MS and have difficulty walking. I am not elderly, but I felt that was when I used the usual walker. I even had a little girl come up to me and asked me why I was old. my doctor recommended your product. My church bible study group took up a collection and paid for the product because my insurance would not pay for it. It has been life changing. I can stand straighter and walk anywhere . I am more confident. I see it as an aid to my mobility, not a walker. I love that it folds easily and is out of the way when I go out. I can not say enough about how much I love this product! on 2017 Feb 12th

    6. Great Choice

      I too have general weakness due to a progressive muscle disease. I have several walkers, but with my balance problems and weakness in my hands and wrists, I had trouble using the brakes. This was a concern to me, because I did fall once because I could not squeeze the brake handle. I researched the problem online and somehow found the Volaris shadow rollator. I have been using this walker for several months. The braking system is perfect for me since I do not have to squeeze the handle but just push the levers forward. I use it everywhere I go. Inside and outside. it is easy to fold and light enough for my caregiver to place in the car. I could not be happier with my purchase of the Volaris rollator. A perfect solution for my problem. Thank you!! on 2017 Feb 10th

    7. A Perfect Choice!

      I am learning to walk again after 11 months in a wheelchair. It took 3 surgeries to fix my hip break but I am finally on the mend. I knew I would need a walker that I could put weight on without fear of tipping and the Rollator looked like it might work -and it does! While I am building muscle strength, I can go almost anywhere now. Uneven surfaces are no longer a big deal and If I get tired, I just use the seat wherever I am. I also love the mesh basket and bottle holder accessories. I highly recommend the Rollator for anyone who wants to be on the go in spite of physical challenges. on 2017 Feb 9th

    8. gave me my independence back

      I love my Rollator and have 2 others for family members! on 2017 Feb 8th

    9. Great Product

      I use my rollator both indoors and outdoors as it is smooth and very flexible inside the house moving from room to room and rugged enough to go on outside terrain. I especially like it being lightweight and easily transportable. Grips are padded and very comfortable and wheels strong and sturdy. Just feels like quality. on 2017 Feb 7th

    10. Shadow

      Karen -- I am recently back from Scotland and need to tell you that I could not have done this trip with anything less than my Volaris Shadow. It carried me over all sorts of terrain -- cobblestone streets, brick streets, paths of loose stones as well as embedded stones, soft grass, ascents & descents -- just rolling merrily along. And it was so easy to fold and gate check at the door of the airplanes. I am elated that I was able to manage this wonderful trip, enabled by this wonderful rollator.

      Any way I can spread the good word I am happy to do so.

      Middleton, WI
      on 2016 Oct 22nd

    11. My Chariot

      "I have had my “chariot” two weeks now and I am totally thrilled. I suffered from mild polio in the early 60s and have no quads in the right thigh and the leg is much shorter. I managed to get through PE, played, taught and coached for years.

      Falling has been a part of my life but more so the past few years. After a bad fall, which I am still recovering from, I have been terrified to walk anywhere. Since I got my Patrol I walk my dog very day. We wander all over various terrain and I have gone on a great hike with friends across a meadow, up winding hills, seen spectacular scenery and made it home safe and sound.

      The walker is very light, easy to fold and one hand can lift it. (two to put in car neatly).

      Being athletic but in my 60s, I resisted giving in to the walker but it has allowed me to go anywhere I want and feel safe doing it. This walker is great ! I tried a lot first. I especially like its design. It suits my personality.

      Thanks for designing such a great support product."

      Quispamsis, NB
      on 2016 Oct 22nd

    12. Volaris S7

      Volaris S7

      My first reaction when I figured out how to open the box was WOW! As soon as your hands touch the grips there is a feeling of security and calmness. I just came back from taking a cruise on Holland America. I can't imagine how I would have managed without my Volaris S7. When you put the brakes on, it brakes! I used it many times to help me in the bathroom on the ship. When it is folded, the wheels stay aligned. I was being wheeled through the airport with one hand holding the Volaris s7.
      It rolled right along in a straight line. it is compact. It isn't clunky. It does attract alot of attention!

      Boynton Beach, FL
      on 2016 Oct 22nd

    13. Smart Shadow

      I love my Volaris Shadow rollator! I have a slowly progressing form of ALS so I have been challenged for years to find increasingly more supportive walking aids. I have weakness in all of my extremities, along with poor balance and foot-drop issues. But I am determined to keep walking as long as I can because I know that once one sits down permanently lots of other body systems begin to decline.

      When I broke my hip in a fall six months ago we thought my walking days were over, but with the help of a therapy program targeted to my specific strengths and weaknesses and a hospital-type walker, I was able to return to the walking world. However, as thrilled as I was to be walking, the hospital-type walker kept me very confined and caused damage to my hands and wrists from leaning on or lifting it so much.

      My PT and doctors had warned me sternly to not get the small-wheeled rollator one sees everywhere. They told me those kinds of aids were very dangerous to someone with weakness and balance issues like I have. But I still hoped there might be something out there somewhere in the world that would give me more stability, greater ease, and improved access to our city's sidewalks. After months of searching the internet I found Volaris, and after weeks of thinking about it, I decided to try the Shadow - but I kept my expectations low and my emotions in check.

      From the moment I pulled the Volaris out of the box (no assembly required) and took my first steps behind the wheel, I knew I'd found what I'd been imagining and more. My Shadow has opened doors for me that had been closed long before I broke my hip. Walking with a cane was no match for the sidewalks around our lovely home on the city harbor, but with my Shadow I now stroll along the waterfront promenade and go to the lovely, neighboring restaurants.

      I couldn't be more pleased with the renewed vigor and opportunities the Volaris Shadow is enabling me to enjoy. I don't know how long my strength will last, but for now my husband and I are thankful for every day I can embrace the greater sense of security, independence and improved access my Shadow gives me.

      Thank you for making such a good product,

      altimore, MD

      (Sharing my words is fine. I hope you do, in fact, because one of hesitations in deciding to buy the Shadow is that not many reviews were from people with neuro-muscular disease. Most comments were from people who have pain associated with spinal stenosis or limitations due to breathing or cardiac functions, but I didn't find many from people who have overall weakness and balance issues. That's why I wrote so much. I wanted you to know your product works for people like me too.)

      on 2016 Oct 22nd

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