Walker Rollator Reviews


Xlent Care Products has been selling Volaris Rollators for 7 years and have thousands of users.  This is a newly designed website and therefore can only show customer reviews going forward. We do not want you to miss some of the past, most interesting and informative testimonials from our users below:

When you read the testimonials you will feel good about your decision to purchase a Volaris.  
(As you will see, Volaris customers are very enthusiastic!)
When I pulled my Volaris S7 Standard out of the box, I really had pretty high expectations because I had lived in Sweden for 3 years and knew first hand the superiority and quality of products manufactured there. Well, I can say that my high expectations were exceeded even further. The Volaris moved about so effortlessly, was whisper quiet and silky smooth. Being somewhat technically oriented, I was fascinated by the question of “how did they achieve this?” On further examination like spinning the wheels by hand etc. I began to get the impression that the moveable parts of this device might be supported by ball bearings. This, if true, is highly significant in my mind because even some electric motors, such as in many power drills, do not afford the luxury of ball bearings which, apparently must add significant cost to the production. I called Xlent Care and spoke to Tracy who confirmed that this is the case. Also, the thick rubber tires, 8 inch wheels and flexible frame contribute to the fine “ride”. I realize now that had I put out the extra coin for the Patrol model, these features would be more greatly enhanced. I would suggest that potential buyers seriously consider that option.
I am 75, have osteoarthritis and severe spinal stenosis which limits my ability to walk more than a few steps with a comfortably upright posture made possible by the walk-in frame and adjustable handles. These features contribute greatly to the distance I am able to comfortably walk. As an added plus, I can easily sit down in stores which provide no seating for handicapped customers. In sum, I think I can eagerly say that, “half the fun of having feet is walking with a Volaris rollator”.
Salisbury, North Carolina
(David has since also purchased a PATROL!)
Would you trust a rollator tested by a non-physically challenged person or one tested by people who need one for balance? I've had a Swedish rollator tested by old and young people who need them and an American rollator (made in China). The American one almost put me in the hospital by tipping over and running away with me down a hill or handicapped ramp corner on the sidewalk. My Swedish Volaris is thoughtfully developed and tested by people like me who need them to get around. That means Volaris is balanced and flexes if I lose my balance, has optional slow down brakes to keep it from running away from me and can easily maneuver to avoid bumping into people sitting in a coffee shop or going over a curb. 
There is no comparison between the Chinese made rollator with low quality parts sold by American companies.  American rollators take lots of energy, strength and thought to operate safely. The Swedish Volaris S7 SMART has been carefully designed and crafted for people who need a rollator and want to be active and unhurt by poor design and quality. Yes, I paid more for the Volaris for its testing, design and quality, but a Volaris is worth every penny and more to give me back my active life.
Two other important points: First, the other day, a man stopped me and said, That rollator is beautifully designed. I asked him why he said that. He told me he was a designer in the Fine Arts Department at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and then proceeded to explain to me his analysis of the careful functionality and elegant design of the Volaris.
Second, my physical therapist wants to recommend the Volaris to another patient of his. In my class, five of us have rollators, all different. He could tell easily that the Volaris was the safest, most functional, and easy to handle, so he chose to recommend it above all the others. 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I love my Volaris Shadow rollator! I have a slowly progressing form of ALS so I have been challenged for years to find increasingly more supportive walking aids. I have weakness in all of my extremities, along with poor balance and foot-drop issues. But I am determined to keep walking as long as I can because I know that once one sits down permanently lots of other body systems begin to decline.
When I broke my hip in a fall six months ago we thought my walking days were over, but with the help of a therapy program targeted to my specific strengths and weaknesses and a hospital-type walker, I was able to return to the walking world. However, as thrilled as I was to be walking, the hospital-type walker kept me very confined and caused damage to my hands and wrists from leaning on or lifting it so much. 
My PT and doctors had warned me sternly to not get the small-wheeled rollator one sees everywhere. They told me those kinds of aids were very dangerous to someone with weakness and balance issues like I have. But I still hoped there might be something out there somewhere in the world that would give me more stability, greater ease, and improved access to our city's sidewalks. After months of searching the internet I found Volaris, and after weeks of thinking about it, I decided to try the Shadow - but I kept my expectations low and my emotions in check.
From the moment I pulled the Volaris out of the box (no assembly required) and took my first steps behind the wheel, I knew I'd found what I'd been imagining and more. My Shadow has opened doors for me that had been closed long before I broke my hip. Walking with a cane was no match for the sidewalks around our lovely home on the city harbor, but with my Shadow I now stroll along the waterfront promenade and go to the lovely, neighboring restaurants.
I couldn't be more pleased with the renewed vigor and opportunities the Volaris Shadow is enabling me to enjoy. I don't know how long my strength will last, but for now my husband and I are thankful for every day I can embrace the greater sense of security, independence and improved access my Shadow gives me.
Thank you for making such a good product,
Baltimore, MD
(Sharing my words is fine. I hope you do, in fact, because one of hesitations in deciding to buy the Shadow is that not many reviews were from people with neuro-muscular disease. Most comments were from people who have pain associated with spinal stenosis or limitations due to breathing or cardiac functions, but I didn't find many from people who have overall weakness and balance issues. That's why I wrote so much. I wanted you to know your product works for people like me too.)
Karen -- I am recently back from Scotland and need to tell you that I could not have done this trip with anything less than my Volaris Shadow. It carried me over all sorts of terrain -- cobblestone streets, brick streets, paths of loose stones as well as embedded stones, soft grass, ascents & descents -- just rolling merrily along. And it was so easy to fold and gate check at the door of the airplanes. I am elated that I was able to manage this wonderful trip, enabled by this wonderful rollator.
Any way I can spread the good word I am happy to do so.
Middleton, WI
Hi Karen,
I wanted you to see me walking on the beach in Kauai with my new walker. As you can see, it went through sand and waves. I want you to know that I was able to walk and hike almost everywhere with my family while on our first-time-ever vacation to Hawaii. It has been a life-changer for me having the walker. My family and I thank you so much!
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Subject:   Hey, my Patrol Arrived!
First, everything is perfect, just perfect. I was outside trying it in the grass, sidewalks, driveway gravel. Perfect. I already have my scissor technique down for even the highest curbs on my street. My computer bag also perfectly hangs into the hangers for the folding bag, as well. I'm so glad I got the wire basket. I wasn't thinking of much more than shopping, but when I realized my computer bag with everything in it and my heavy books (I'm a teacher) would just roll onto the subway with me with all the weight literally off my shoulders...well, I cried a little. I cannot tell you, in just an hour, this thing has relieved me of so many little "copings" that I didn't realize we're wearing at my soul. Thank you so much for bringing this product line to the U.S. 
Thanks again, I'm so sure that I'll be requesting more cards when this thing hits the streets. It's already been dubbed the neighborhood Monster Truck by a neighbor!
Update:  I'm hoping the three people who have shown great interest in mine have purchased their own versions. (They we strangers on the street so I'll never know.) the Patrol has certainly changed my life. I am now very pain-free without the use of anything more than a random Tylenol. Thanks again!
Oakland, CA
Thanks for checking in, although I got the Smart Patrol, not the S7. I love it. I'm not surprised that I got a pack of your biz cards with it as I get stopped and asked about it a lot. I had the more common type of rollator before this with exposed brake cables and a design that folds poorly, esp for transit use. And now I go charging over sidewalk bumps that stopped me before, and with no exposed cables I no longer have to worry about snagging poor unsuspecting transit riders and their belongings. 
The only change I would suggest is that you offer customers an option for an additional fee to install the accessories before shipping so the customer doesn't have to. The instructions and tools were sufficient but my hands are partly disabled and I really struggled with the back strap and the brackets for the folding basket. Over the course of the day I got assistance from a taxi driver, my hair stylist and my bartender and got it all together. It sounds like the beginning of a joke - a taxi driver, hair stylist and disabled woman walk into a bar...- but it really is a true story.
I found the folding basket to be smaller than I needed so I placed a follow up order for the,other basket. I dreaded what the rigid basket would need with respect to installation after my experience with the other accessories, so I was delighted to discover that it simply drops into place. I find the folding basket too small for a grocery bag, andI wish the larger wire one could fold as well, so I'm not struggling to get it quickly folded on the bus.
This was definitely a good choice for me and I'm a very happy customer. 
Felt a bit nervous buying this off the net, but after studying several demo videos made the call and was assured by Tracy that it is as good as it looks.
I bought my S7 SMART to replace a made- in- China rollator/ transport chair and I am amazed at what a gem this thing is. To see the two side by side there is no comparison, the Volaris wins on all fronts, hands down.
My Neurologist immediately asked to try it during our last visit and was very impressed with the product as well.
Other reviewers have called it a B.M.W. and they were spot on.
The Volaris may be a bit more than the other brands, but it is money well spent. You are not only getting a premium walk aid, but also customer support from a manufacturer and retailer who are very responsive to the customer's needs. 
X-L-ENT Care has earned a customer for life and if this is a tool needed for your mobility needs, the Volaris is your best choice.
W. Wade,
Edmonton, AB
The Volaris Patrol S7 is terrific! It turns heads wherever I go! If
possible, I would appreciate receiving another packet of your Business
Cards. I have nearly exhausted the initial supply. My neurologist here at
the University of Michigan Hospital was really taken with my new Volaris!
Also, the PT folks both at the Spine Clinic as well as at the Pulmonary Rehab
were all very interested.
More to follow! I have to go to PT NOW!
Ann Arbor, MI
Here is my experience with my Volaris S7 SMART/Shadow:
This past July I took a trip to Europe with my family. My other companion was the Volaris walker, S7 SMART/Shadow I got a few months before. On our trip we encountered rough walking surfaces everywhere: gravel, dirt roads, high grass, and lots of cobblestones! Blocks and blocks of cobblestones! My former, traditional walker couldn't move even over fine gravel or lawns so I was delighted that even the cobblestones didn't stop the Volaris.
When we stopped at a restaurant or got on a train, my teenage grandson would fold it up, fasten it with the little travel strap and it was easy for him to store it out of the way.
I really felt the Volaris enabled me to do and see a lot of things I would have missed otherwise.
Minneapolis, MN
Hi Tracy
I took the SMART/Patrol walker outdoor on its "maiden voyage" yesterday and again today. It's a game changer for me in terms of mobility. I've used a walker for five years now, and here are just some of the reasons my Volaris is so much better than the other walkers.
1. I can look around and enjoy the scenery instead of having to watch the pavement/ground, because this walker is so much more stable. I feel much more secure with it.
2. My gait is more natural. I can't walk fast because I wear braces in my ankles, but I can certainly go faster now than I did before.
3. The slow-down brakes are wonderful! I rarely need to use the hand brakes, yet the walker rolls smoothly. I don't have to work "too hard" to push it.  
4. Unlike other walkers, I don't have to fight to control it when walking on an uneven sidewalk.
5. Even the back rest is comfortable. The walker makes a fine seat when I need one.
6. I don't know too many people who like using a walker. At age 56, I'm certainly conscious of the stigma of using one. But the Volaris increases my independence and security so much that I don't care what anyone else thinks. I love being about to get outside for a relaxing and enjoyable walk in the fresh air.
Bravo to the designers and manufacturer! And thank YOU for all your help.
You may quote me :-)
Portland, ME
I LOVE my Volaris S7!. It gives me back the confidence and freedom I had (and hope to regain) before I contracted neuroinvasive West Nile virus with encephalitis & meningitis last September. I still have a serious balance issue, and the only way I can increase my distance and endurance is to use a walker. I had the common kind - two small wheels, two tennis balls, no seat. It barely allowed me to cautiously hobble the 1 mile around my block. The second day with my Volaris, I easily walked 3.3 miles! I comfortably and fearlessly conquer cracked and bumpy sidewalks. I can go to the park with my grandchildren walking over small hills, tree roots and debris, and into the sand area, too, all without a second thought. i hope to recover further, but even if I don't, I feel like I have my life back! 
I've given out the provided Volaris business cards to my myofacial release practitioner, who has recently expanded his practice from world class athletes to general rehab, and also my balance PT at Hoag hospital here in Newport Beach. They were both thrilled to learn of its existence! 
I recently got caught in a rare monsoonal rainstorm here in Orange County (CA) while walking the mile back from lunch out with a group of friends. It was fun getting totally soaked, but the walker did too. I was concerned and got out my Use and Maintenance booklet as soon as I got home. I laughed when I saw instructions not only for rinsing off with a high-pressure hose or garden hose; then the page went on to describe reconditioning after putting the Volaris in a "washing unit." Any concerns about a little rain hurting it evaporated! I can only imagine what some circumstances truly athletic people put their rollators through! 
Thanks again. Best money I've invested in my independence, health & fun since the virus hit me! 
Santa Ana, CA
Great Product, I Love It...
The S7 Smart is a SLIGHT bit larger than I thought it would be, employing
the photos on your web page as a guide.   BUT that is not a criticism on SMART,
after using a 3 wheel walker for almost 2 years the Volaris is larger BUT
feels so much MORE STABLE and gives me the confidence to go places that I
would not attempt before purchasing the  S7 Smart. Thank you for assisting
me in making a selection from the many rollators that are advertised on the
If it's not too much trouble, would you send me some business cards.
I attend a very large Hospital/Cathedral like, (snick), Medical Center in
downtown Chicago, 'Northwestern Hospital'. I am very sure there will be
more than a FEW fellow physically challenged friends and or by standers that
will want info on your product...
Thank You,
Chicago, ILL
Hi Tracy,
still loving the product, I went to my Urologist today and he
was impressed with the S7 SMART, he did mention perhaps getting
one for his 92yo father who lives in Taiwan... 
Chicago, ILL
My Volaris SHADOW is all I could hope for in a walker. I had picked it out from the literature that Bill sent and he took it from there. It is really solid on rough, uneven sidewalks and really gets me around safely wherever I need to go. I had never anticipated having to need a walker but now that I do, I think I have the BEST.
Thank you,
Moncton, NB
Hi Tracy,
My spouse Jean has now been using the SMART/Patrol...'Velociraptor' for about two weeks. We were staying at a cottage where the path down to the shore was quite steep and rough. She was able to negotiate it with little trouble. The Volaris is very stable and rolls easily on rougher terrain. The road into the cottage through the woods is also mostly a gravel trail. Jean walked on it every day and she says it ran smoothly over stones, humps and tree roots. It fits the bill for a person such as her with vertigo and balance problems, and it affords her the opportunity to get her daily exercise. It is providing Jean with the mobility and stability she requires to get her exercise independently as well as when she is walking with us. A physiotherapist once reminded us not to think of such a device as a walker, (Rollator) for the aged, but rather, think of it as a Treadmill. A Mobile Treadmill that unlike those in a gym, actually allows one to go somewhere. Indeed, Jean is very comfortable with her new Velociraptor. Of course we will be transporting it back to Victoria when we return home.
Thank you for your excellent customer service.
Victoria, BC 
Have taken two trips, four flights and two layovers with my sporty new Volaris, and everything went very well, even in the basketball arena where my grandson's graduation was held. several admiring comments, and I gave out two of your cards! 
Thanks for all your kind help and a quality product I am happy to have people see me with.
Topeka, KS
> I love my SMART.   It's way more than I hoped it would be. When not in use, I 
> keep it in my living room so I can look at it.
> Sincerely,
> Jean
Parlin, NJ
Tracy, the PATROL is perfect. I toured the Botanical Gardens with family last week through dirt trails, cement and black top for 3 hours and it performed as I expected. I also spent 3 hours the day before leisurely going though the outdoor mail that recently opened in my area and put my purchases in my attached bag. I was able to put the Volaris into the truck of my car and remove it without any problems. I carried water with me on both trips in my handy water bottle carrier. But, shame on me--- I forgot to attach my umbrella so I did get a bit of a sunburn. I won’t make that mistake again as things are really starting to heat up here in Arizona. 
My family and I call the Patrol---“Grandma’s Big Wheel"
This is the very best 76th year Birthday Present to myself! Thanks you for your help.
Pat Foley
Sun Lakes, AZ 
Dear Karen,
Thanks to my amazing Volaris S7 SMART rollator my quality of life is much improved. Being in my nineties and suffering from severe Spinal stenosis and circulation problems in my legs, I appreciate the sturdy design of the S7 SMART which keeps my body in alignment with great posture control, enabling me to walk further than I have in a long time. 
The SMART is easy to put into my small Honda, gets up curbs and broken sidewalks with ease. Brakes work with the flip of the finger, the seat is very comfortable. I no longer have use for my scooter or old walker.
Last but not least, I thank you Karen for your patience and help in my purchase. You are a delight to work with.
Portland, OR
My Patrol rollator arrived on July 12, as planned by UPS. Amazingly (to me anyway) I can walk long distances with a rollator. Up to about 5-6 miles a day. With just a cane I can walk about 50 yards before the pain is intolerable. I think you may get why this is such a big deal to me. Without the rollator, I am essentially housebound. I stopped driving a car almost 3 years ago and rely on friends for longer trips that are not walkable. Yesterday I walked to our local Farmers Market which is a 4 mile round trip, including a VERY steep grade of several blocks. The slow-down brake worked well and kept me from that "running away" sensation. The walk was over varied surfaces: black-top, cement, grass, gravel-dirt mix, heavy planks, as well as dozens of side walk curbs. I am an experienced cane, walker and rollator user and I think the Patrol performed excellently and deserves high marks. 
My close friends think it's terrific looking and are impressed with how it handles. Thanks again for your help. 
Olympia, WA
Update: Just to let you know that after over a month all is well with my Volaris Patrol rollator. I have used it outdoors every day, averaging about 2-3 miles per day. I'm somewhat less reliant on friends for everyday errands transportation, and find myself just going out for the exercise more than I used to. Other people frequently comment on the Patrol and ask about it, pleasantly. I even had a guy driving by in a parking yell out " Nice rig, Dude! " I don't plan on writing to you unless something goes awry in the future but, thanks again. Well, maybe in a year or so.   Dick
Hi Tracy,
All I can say is WOW, the Patrol Volaris Rollator made it possible for me get around on my recent international travels. It packed my bags around the airports (I had to keep taking it away from Porters), was easy to get in and out of taxi trunks, easy to maneuver over stones/uneven ground/curbs and made walking longer distances which is normally very difficult, fairly easy!  
It was expensive but I have to say it was worth every penny I paid for it. Now I won't think twice about travel, or walking long distances on any kind of footing. I have a super functional mobility device!
Thank you!
Winona Hartvikson,
Langley, BC
""This is one classy rollator! It is small enough that it fits inside the house comfortably, big enough give my 78 years six foot body the support it needs, light enough move around and to load easily into the car and it will roll up or down over my seven inch back porch step without "bottoming out". It feels solid and quality, not creaky like other rollators I have used. At first I thought the handles half way down the sides were "funky" because no other rollators have them. But as I have become accustomed to this rollator, I find that the handles are very useful for unfolding and for carrying the folded Volaris when I must.   Finally, the ability to fold the Volaris and get it out of the way when I arrive at my destination is simply great. This rollator is more expensive than some and worth every bit of it.
Spokane Valley, WA
I was so "tickled" to find a 97% assembled PATROL when it arrived.  
I love everything about it. I have severe spinal stinosis , herniated discs. etc. I have tried different devices to be able to walk some distance on all kinds of surfaces, none of them were very effective. The Patrol is. 
The ten inch wheels are a definite bonus on grass, gravel, sand....I took it off road on a wooded trail. It was able to handle the ground stuff you might expect to find including tree roots. Also helping was the very resilient frame (it has a "metal give") This also helps when I enter my house which has a step up - merely put your foot on frame by the rear wheel, press down, tip up and the 10" wheels do the rest. The swivel effect of the wheels is extraordinarily smooth and balanced, especially on smooth floors.....its like power steering. When ordering the Patrol I didn't think I would need handbrakes or parking brakes. I was wrong. There are a couple of hills where I walk - one hill takes some time. I go 1/2 way up, move off the road put the parking brake on and sit for a short time. Then I finish the hill. When coming down that hill, the Patrol wants to go faster than I am able. That is when slight pressure applied to the hand brakes does the trick in slowing down. When my sons and daughter learned I had ordered the Patrol, they said they didn't think I would want a walker and use it in public (their image was of walkers they had seen). When they saw it they were truly surprised. Words like "buff", 'sporty" and "you go dad" were said. There is more I could say about the Patrol, the hand grips, etc. Suffice it to say I love the Patrol (I haven't named it yet) the only thing I wish , is that it could have been less expensive. However, the old phrase, "you get what you pay for" isn't always valid - in this case the phrase does apply. Don't I sound like I invented the Patrol?  
Hyde Park, NY 
I purchased my Patrol just a couple of months ago because I was tired of sitting out at summer events. I have Degenerative Discs and weight issues which do not compliment each other, so with a bit of Internet research decided the Patrol Rollator was the one to try and I have not been sorry. It has taken me to Steam shows, hilly parks, country fairs and even to the beach and it has made my summer one to remember. The suspension makes it a fitting companion for anyone who wants to have great stability on any uneven surface and it is modern enough in appearance to catch a few stares and not make a younger person feel embarrassed to be using a mobility aid. 
Thanks to the wonders of computers I was able to get my Patrol the same day I decided on one and I want to commend X-L-ENT Care on the best and fastest service anyone could wish for. I would recommend the Volaris line of rollators to people of any age. 
Palmerston, ON
Hi Tracy, a note regarding the recently purchased walker -S7 SMART. The only thing better than the model I purchased is not having to need one. Hopefully my handicap will be corrected that I won't need it but in the meantime I enjoy the relief it gives me. When I sit in my rocking chair I have the Volaris parked in front of me and have had lots of time to look at it. The design, materials and workmanship are excellent and I can't detect anything that could be improved on. It is gratifying to have something of quality when you depend on it daily. 
Best regards, 
Mission, BC
My PATROL arrived promptly and on schedule-so thank you. 
All looks fine ---but the rain has arrived here also ---so I am limited to moving around the apt until the weather clears again. But even that tells me that I am going to enjoy the Volaris and I am grateful for your helpful assistance with the purchase. For the time being I am leaving the bottle holder and the cane holder off until I am sure I want them on---though I most likely will.. Both the product and your service are impressive so I am very pleased and comfortable with my choice.
Please feel free to use my comments in whatever way you choose.. If they help move someone else to choosing the Volaris-, I will consider that a good deed. I wish I had done it earlier- and am looking forward to getting out and about a lot more than I have been able to do in the past. 
Thanks again! 
Ed, Ottawa, ON
Dear X-L-ENT Care:
Thank you for following-up on the sale of your, "Most Excellent" product, the Volaris Patrol, to me.
Because of being a Mechanical/Sales Engineer in Automated Packaging,
I did "A LOT'' of research before choosing your walking aide.
All I can say is that the Volaris Patrol is great!!
I was walking with 2 canes because of Psoriatc Arthritis.
Now, friends of mine, say that I need/will get a speeding ticket on foot! HAH!
Seriously though, the VP has fulfilled all the requirements to me, as noted in your sales/marketing brochures.
Thanks to you and Xlentcare for giving me some "hope" again!
Baudette, MN
For getting from one level spot to another any rollator will work. However since I require a rollator for stability and balance full time, I have found my Smart Shadow to be outstanding. I've had many rollators over the past 20 years. This is the best ever. The flexible frame is a real safety feature for constant good balance. The overall quality and design is far above any I have owned. They are well worth the price.
Thanks, Tracy, for your great service.
Du from Arizona
We just got to Baltimore and delivered the Volaris S7 rollator. She loves it and immediately took it to her accupuncture appointment, and physical therapy. The therapist helped adjust the seat and arms, and was impressed herself. 
She is delighted and confident using the Volaris. It really made it possible for her to go to the ocean on a family vacation, rather than stay behind with one on one care for safety.
The SMART SHADOW has just now arrived safely here!  
It is out of the box - really very beautiful and classy!!! I will read the manual tomorrow and test drive it.
Thank you so very much!!!
(Update) Hi, Tracy!
I love it so far, the big test will be coming up in September when I fly 4 flights + my Alaska cruise (with 4 excursions). Hopefully, it will be as rugged as I believe it is. I will definitely report back to you by the end of September.
Received the cards - thank you so much! I definitely will have them ready when people on the cruise ask me!!!
We need great products such as these. Those currently available in the USA are not as classy and certainly not as rugged.
(Update #2)Hi, Tracy 
It performed beautifully- no problems. You can use the following statement for your potential customers - 
This is a very beautiful and classy rollator! I have had no problems at all with the functioning of the Volaris. It is very sturdy and easy to fold and unfold. It is comfortable. It packs easily into a standard auto trunk. Weather (rain, humidity) do not affect its functioning. The Volaris is definitely a major step up from the 3 other rollators I have had - specifically because it is so well-built. With the others I have had, because they were so fragile, I was always worried about things breaking (and they did, all the time). And, because the cords are hidden in the Volaris, there is no chance of tangling, a major problem with other rollators! It is well worth the price and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
The best of luck to you and Volaris!!!
Should be an easy sell - just focus on the quality of the product. The others in the market are sooooo flimsy!
Diane L.,
Alexandria, Virginia
Please feel free to use my testimonial below, or any parts of it you wish, on your web-site:
After my SMART PATROL arrived in California, a friend forwarded it to me (with no insurance!), by FEDEX AIR to to Maui, Hawaii, where it arrived, severely damaged, inside its demolished box. Due to the extensive damage, shipping it back to the factory in Buffalo for repair was the only option, and included cancellation of Volaris's 2yr Factory Warranty due to the unknown internal damage. I couldn't afford to purchase a new Patrol, nor afford shipping it again from Buffalo to Maui. Tracy and Kevin were SOOOOOO empathetic of our predicament, they immediately offered us a replacement Patrol, at a significant discount, which coupled with my local FEDEX Manager, agreeing to pay the shipping by FEDEX, from Buffalo-Maui, enabled me to receive their replacement Patrol.
The Volaris Patrol, has to be the BEST all-terrain Rollator available, in today's market! I believe I couldn't have purchased a better product! It moves over gravel, uneven surfaces, grass, and most sand, with NO effort whatsoever by the User, turns on a dime, is sturdy, well built, and is far superior to other similar products I investigated, before purchasing it. Surfaces are extremely uneven on Maui, but the Patrol has easily conquered them all!  
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Volaris Patrol TO EVERYONE! AND recommend, the amazing professional attention/service, provided by www.xlentcare.com!
Cher M.
Maui, Hawaii
Testimonial for my new Volaris S7 SMART PATROL Walker
I really like my new walker. It is lighter, it has a string that makes it fold up sideways,
I really like the big wheels. The brakes are on top of the handles and fold over to
lock the arms. I had my arms adjusted to my elbows so I can sit.
The seat is a lot better, I don't feel like falling. I really like the water bottle holder.
I used it at Special Olympics bowling to carry a cup of coffee!
The back rest is at the right place. I had my highest score in bowling at 111.
I wrote my brother and he thinks it's a good luck charm.
I like that there no brakes or cables to fix, because that happens a few times.
Cables tear really easy. I don't have to worry about that anymore.
A lot more convenient!
Thank you very much.
Sharen Reed
Prince Albert, SASK
Hi Tracy, 
> > I am writing to you to let you know how much I love my Volaris S7 SMART. It did take me months to search out the best rollator on the market. After owning two flimsy ones, I was determined to find the best. I did!
> > 
> > My "BMW", as I call it, has met every expectation I knew I would get. With the others I was actually scared to go out alone while using them.
> > 
> > With my Volaris there is no hesitation going where I want to.
> > 
> > The big test is when I had to fly. It took me to and off the plane easily. After getting off the plane I was very weak. I thought I would need a wheel chair to get from one area to the next. I was wrong, my Volaris helped me get my strength back and held me up straight.
> > 
> > There is no question that this is the BEST ROLLATOR on the market today. And to add Tracy is absolutely the nicest person to help you to make a good decision on purchasing the correct one.
> > 
> > Thanks, 
Adele, Massachusetts
(Hi Tracy, I didn't feel like I could put into words how much I love my Volaris. I am glad you liked it. Take care and sell those "BMW's". No one will be unhappy.) 
The SMART PATROL arrived this evening. Thank you for all your help. Its an amazing rig, so much more chic and better designed than my traditional one.  I'm getting used to the differences  it rolls so much better and is narrower, but has a longer frame front to back which means it needs a little more space to maneuver. It is lighter too. I think I'm going to love it. Thanks again for your attentive service.
Walpole, NH
> My wife loves it the S7 SMART. Cleverly designed and very easy to use and stow. The price will be well worth it if it holds up as promised.
Palatine, ILL
I love the Volaris even more now that I have had an opportunity to use it under a variety of conditions. Feel free to use my comments. Volaris is the only way to roll!
Chicago, Ill
Hi, Tracy...high marks for the Patrol. I was able to negotiate rough terrain (soft ground, juniper branches, small vegetation clumps, ruts, rocks, and gravel roads) with only a few stalls where I had to lift the wheels. And...we were just at the Pacific Ocean where I could finally (after 3 years) cross the soft beach sand and get down and walk along the ocean edge.
Overall, I am quite pleased with the Patrol, and am pleased to recommend it to others. Thanks, once again, for your assistance with this purchase.
Battleground, WA
The Volaris SHADOW is amazing! After a recent hospitalization my husband needed to rebuild the strength in his legs and increase his mobility. He is more mobile than he has been in months!! Thank you!
Ormond Beach, FL
Overall the PATROL is excellent. 
The PATROL is attractive, functional, and very well engineered and constructed. It fits readily back of the front seat in either of my vehicles, or in their trunks. Ease of such transits improves greatly with a little familiarity or practice. The folding basket is a great convenience. The seat, the most comfortable of any rollator I have tried. The wheelbase and wheel width are greater than others, but are very valuable on hazardous terrain and give the best possible feeling of security when dealing with frosted, icy sidewalks or streets. The large wheels worked well in the 2" snow we had to walk thru the other evening.
Thank you again. Great product. Great service.
Charles Chambersburg, PA
My husband really likes the new Shadow. He's been able to try it at one of our large malls and it travels so easily. Once the snow is gone he will be able to get out on the sidewalks. It is built very well.
Rose Marie
Edmonton, AB
My Shadow arrived yesterday and I really think it's great! I have been using another walker and this is just so much better. It just rolled right out of the box and was very easy to adjust the handles.
Newmarket, ON
I love it! It really helps me get around confidently. I have M.S., and I was using a cane, but walking was difficult because I was always losing my balance. The S7 rollator is nice and sturdy, and it rolls along so smoothly. I am amazed at how easy it is to go up and down curbs.
Thanks very much!
Los Altos, CA
Hi Tracy
Its Mary from Palmerston - AGAIN!
​Just a note to tell you that I took my Patrol on it's first Holland America Cruise and it was a hit! I think I could have sold it to dozens of people on and off the ship. They were stopping me and asking where I got the "Cadillac" and remarking about the quality, etc. It performed with it's usual brilliance and made my trip so much more fun. I tried my best to make Volaris a "shipboard" name to be remembered. Thanks again for carrying this wonderful product.
The Patrol is wonderful! Doing our best to spread the word
Traveled with it last week and again this week. Very thankful we found you! 
People ask us all the time about it.
Nixa, MO
I am a 57 year old male and was injured in a motorcycle accident. As I recover I was told I would need a "walker", and so my research began. As I began looking on-line I couldn't see myself with the old looking walkers I saw "old" people use. Then I saw a picture of a Volaris. The design lines simply spoke young looking, fashionable, trendy, and screamed excellent quality! I contacted the company and "met" Tracy. Customer service was extraordinaire from first contact to completion of the sale. I received the Volaris, and was more impressed as I began to use it. This unit is stable, well built, adjust easily, including the seat height! I also highly recommend the following accessories. First the cup holder. It holds a "to go" cup perfectly, your hands now free to use the rollator. The basket is a must have. Again when using a rollator you need your hands on the comfortable hand grips, so many items can be carried in the basket. Seat padding is dual purpose. It is a comfortable place to rest your butt, but is also a non-slip surface to grip the accessory food tray. It is awesome, place your food items, and a cup of your favorite beverage on the tray then go sit down and enjoy!
Thank you Tracy for your excellent customer service, I'm sure your job is easy as I am certain there are few complaints from anyone purchasing a Volaris!
Greg D.
Orillia, Ontario
 Hi Tracy!
 What a solid product you sell. I'm so impressed with the quality used in making the Shadow.
 It's so ironic that I had a fracture in my leg, so I ended-up using the shadow when not in use along with my husband (which I purchased it for ).
 So I have first hand experience using it.
 I felt so secure and sturdy. Thanks for everything Tracy, especially on the shipping!
It is everything I read about it!!!!
It was great doing business with you.
Aloha, Marcia
Haven't had as much chance to try my new PATROL as I would like but so far: It is what I call my Rolls Royce ATV! It certainly is capable of rough ground and is much, much safer in snow and ice than anything else I have tried. It needs some sort of attachable or built-in carrier for packages. I will invent something that works. For now I anticipate improving my physical fitness as a result of being able to cover unfriendly territory. I do wish the brakes were not susceptible to accumulating dirt when I am on a wet, muddy path. Thanks for supplying me with an obviously superior product.
Also know that I am a retired geology professor who loves the outdoors. I was getting pretty depressed about my mobility until my PATROL arrived.
Northfield, MN
I love my new SMART/Shadow rollator! And NO I will not be sending it back. It is so easy to maneuver, quiet and convenient. I took your advice and adjusted the handle bars accordingly. I can now look up at the world instead of looking down on the ground trying not to tip over like when the wheels of my old walker would get caught in sidewalk crevices, rocks and cobble stones.  
Mary Ann 
Stone Mountain, GA
I have pretty severe spinal stenosis and have a Smart Patrol. It is a wonderful walker and has helped me get around quite a bit better. It is great because of its light weight design and it can fold up better than anything else. We purchased the S7 for my elderly father because he has seen me use mine a lot and he had trouble with his regular rollator walker. He loves it. 
Thanks for the follow up.
Kind regards,
Thanx Tracy----almost bought an 8 inch one for inside the house, but was talked into using the Patrol inside. Because it turns on a dime, it works well enough even with 10 inch wheels.  
The Patrol has improved my life 80% and attitude 150%. I am stronger to the point I could visit a friend in a rehab facility by myself, walking alone across a street half block to facility another half block back and to the parking area across a street. This was not possible W/O the Rollator. Marvelous improvement in strength due to this device.
Florence, OR
Hi Folks - I bought a Volaris S-7 Smart Patrol last January. The 
> Customer Service person (Tracy?) was wonderfully helpful, answering 
> all my questions and helping me select the best rollator for my needs.  
> I absolutely love it, and as soon as I can, I'll send you a review 
> (recovery from another back surgery is keeping me pretty busy lately).

> For now though, I'm hoping you can send me more business cards. For 
> the past several months, I've been in and out of the hospital, doctors 
> offices and physical therapy clinics. My wonderful "roller" attracts 
> attention everywhere I go - doctors, physical therapists, patients, 
> grocery store customers and neighbors want to know where I got it and 
> how it works. No one around here (northern Arizona) has seen anything 
> like it - folks have called it the "Cadillac" and the "Lexus" of 
> walkers.even "really hot wheels." When I offer to let folks take it 
> for a spin down the hall or sidewalk, they come back wanting one - 
> either for themselves or a parent or their patients.

> Needless to say, I quickly ran through the supply of business cards 
> you sent with the rollator. I'm now handing out photocopies of my 
> last card. Would you be so kind as to send me another stack?
Thanks for the great rollator, Tracy. I’m grateful every single day. 
 The rollator has changed my life.

> Thanks!

> Pat
I was a very active person and became frustrated with my inability to walk any distance or stand in one place due to herniated discs and increasing spinal stenosis. I needed something to hold me up but also able to cover any kind of ground. 
The Patrol Rollator is a great machine! I've been able to get through the malls in record time, an outdoor antique show on lumpy grass, walk the dog around the neighbourhood, not just half a block, and I plan to do my Christmas shopping by myself for the first time in years!
I googled fitness walkers because I was a fit person who didn't want a geriatric walker. I was very pleased to discover that I was close enough to go right to the warehouse and try one out for myself. The ladies were very helpful fitting me and I left with the last small one they had in stock. I got all the recommended accessories and have flashing lights for night use, a padded seat, closing strap for transporting, a basket for my stuff and still plan to go back for the umbrella attachment as that antique show was in the rain lol! I stopped at the mall on my way home that day and shopped for 2 hours pain free :)
Oakville, ON
Smart/PATROL Fitness Rollator
I am amazed by the quality of this device: it is absolutely silent in use! As long as I am careful not to make noise with my shoes I can actually sneak up on my cat with it! The other two rollators I have (a real heavy front-to-rear folding model that won’t stand up on its own when folded, and a lighter Euro style side folding version), pop, clank, creak, squeak, and even make some wheel noise when moving.
Our yard has 4” deep pea gravel over most of its surface, and I have been searching for over three years for something that will allow me to navigate the yard easily when I’m gardening. The first two rollators I bought just sink into the gravel and have to be moved about like basic walkers. I tried an adult tricycle that has an electric front wheel; and while this was finally able to traverse the yard, it flung stones in my face, left deep gullies in the gravel in its wake, and had to be going pretty fast to do it. These are all things of the past with my new Volaris S7 Smart/Patrol rollator! I can walk on the gravel nearly as easily as on a concrete floor thanks to its large wheels and softer tires, and the small tracks it leaves are sort of decorative!  
The Volaris S7 Smart series rollators are advertised as fitness rollators, and this is certainly true for me. It makes walking so much more enjoyable I am encouraged to take more walks, stand up straight, and attempt to increase my walking speed. One could probably run using one of these rollators for balance if they were physically able.
I took my Volaris S7 Smart/Patrol out in public for the first time today, and barely got into the door of the restaurant before a stranger stopped me to ask where I bought it! I need a rollator-mounted card case that allows me to get to my stash of handouts easily without having to dig in my pockets. 
Santa Fe, New Mexico
I have two Volaris Smart Rollators. I have:
Volaris Smart Rollator with 8" wheels. I use this one inside because the wheels are smaller and the distance between the front and back wheels is a bit shorter than the larger one. Also, that way I have a clean one and a dirty one. The occupational therapist recommended this. Less frustrating. 
16.5 lb. 
I bought the fabric basket for this. It folds when you fold the rollator. It adds almost no weight.
I bought the grey plastic tray for it and I keep my coffee, headphones, iPhone, pens, etc. on the tray. It's very handy. If you tap the tray with your knee it might bump off and spill things. (An MS moment!) I'll figure out a way to attach it more securely some time. I Bought cane holders but I took them off. They make the rollator a bit wider and that can be a problem with standard door widths. 
19.4 lb. 
I bought this one first. It's my outdoor rollator. When I first got it I was using two canes. I now use one cane. For two reasons. First, my core strength has improved with exercise and I also find using two canes cognitively confusing. 
At first I had two cane holders on this rollator but I've taken the right hand one off as it's superfluous to my needs. The cane holder is handy to have. 
I bought the folding fabric basket for this, too. It's very handy 
I bought the rigid metal basket. It fits in a bracket lower down than the fabric basket. It adds weight. I've tried looking up the weight but I can't find it. You have to remove the rigid metal basket to fold the rollator. I found this out the hard way during another MS moment. 
I have mild to moderate neuralgia in my right hand and arm. I wear fingerless cycling gloves that I got at Mountain Equipment Coop. There have gel pads on the palm and the insides of the fingers. They help to absorb shock. 
The 10" wheels on the Volaris Smart Patrol Rollator absorb quite a bit of shock. They're solid tires but they're softer rubber than the wheels on any other rollator I've seen or used. There's not a wear issue because the rollator is really not carrying a lot of weight. 
I was quite frustrated with the changes in mobility that I was experiencing when I first got the Volaris Smart Patrol Rollator. It was a big psychological adjustment for me to start using a rollator, too. The first day I had it I took a taxi into downtown Victoria. I wound up walking back to my apartment using the Patrol. That's 1.3 km in addition to doing some wandering around town. I really couldn't believe it! The Patrol really saves my energy when I'm out. 
I've used it at:
Butchart Gardens...pathways with asphalt and some compact gravel 
Beacon Hill Park...pathways and uneven grass 
Finnerty Gardens at UVIC...compacted gravel and grass 
Uplands Park...grassy trails and rough paths 
Cadboro Bay Beach on very uneven grass and on the sand beach
Swan Lake...that was a rough to very rough path with tree roots (I lifted it over those) and a boardwalk. Took over two hours!
Cattle Point in Oak Bay...very rough terrain 
And many other places. 
The Volaris Smart Patrol Rollator is bigger than the Volaris Smart Rollator and it's a bit more awkward to put into the trunk of a car. I've got a 2002 Honda Accord and it fits in there so long as I don't have too much else in there. The Volaris Smart Rollator is a bit hardier when travelling by public transit, on a cruise ship, or at the theatre or a restaurant. 
The handles fold down readily with clips that you pull at. You don't have to unscrew a wing nut. This is handy for putting it in the trunk of a car and it's also very handy for adjusting the height of the handles whenever you want to. If you wear boots rather than shoes you might want to change the height of the handles, for example. I'm taller in the morning than in the evening and I sometimes change the height for that reason. 
The seat height can be adjusted, too. I'm about 5'10" and I keep it at its full height. You'll always have a seat to sit on and rest. 
The brakes are effective. They use a flat metal tip rather than a pad. I've not had the rollators run away from me but I'm cautious. 
The brakes are very easy to engage in the "parking" or locked position. You roll the handles on the top of the grips forward. This is very easy to do. It's much easier and safer than the rollators that require that you push the handles down as you don't have to let go of the hand grips to engage the brakes. Just roll your hands forward. 
I've had to adjust the brakes on the Patrol just once. This was easy enough to do. 
The metal strip that touches the wheel when braking is very close to the tire. This can become fouled with sand, leaves, or other debris. Sometimes I've had to back up a bit to clear leaves or sand. Just once I had to stop and clear it out with the edge of a piece of cardboard. Just once!!
The people at X-L-Ent Care recommended that I buy the adjustable back strap as it's more comfortable. I've got a back strap on both rollators. 
The Volaris Smart Rollators both have a flexible X frame. It works very well. You almost never have a wheel that's not bearing weight when you're on uneven ground. (Unless you're indoors all ground is uneven!). The rollators are very steady when going over uneven grass, on the beach, negotiating curb cuts, etc. 
Approach low curbs and some high sidewalk seams at an angle. There's a video showing this. You can lift a front wheel over a curb and the other front wheel will follow. There's another video about this. 
Apparently the front wheel bearings on wheelchairs and some rollators get fouled with hair. I've not had a problem with this with the Volaris rollators, but that's because we don't have a lot of hair in our place.
As you can see, I'm quite garrulous. My wife says that I rattle on. I say that it's a software feature!
Best wishes!
Victoria, BC
Thank you for taking such good care and getting us the Volaris SMART/Shadow walker on such short notice! We ordered on Monday and had it for Thursday to board the plane to D.C. with my 82-year-old mother. 
She had a mild stroke 5 years ago and her ability to walk long distances has been deteriorating. My parents had never been to our nation's capital and, being a Korean vet, it's something my dad had always wanted to see. The Volaris made it possible! 
It was so easy to use at the airport and all around town. When we Ubered somewhere, it snapped down and was so easy to transport. When we got off and on tour buses, it was a dream. And my mom walked the mall with ease. She had more energy, a place to sit in the museums, and she loved it! And, indeed, we had several people ask us where we got it. It's so different from a typical walker, some asked what it was. 
When we showed to my mom, we said this is not a walker, but your personal assistant. And she thinks of it that way now. Thank you for making my mom's life better. 
Great product! Great service!
Please feel free to use my testimony. Sincerely,
Marianne Johnson
 I would not normally agree to promote a company, but believe your product might help others as it has helped me:
Due to a complete vestibular failure in my inner ears about a decade ago, I lost my sense of balance when standing or walking. I got by with a cane until three years ago when I found myself completely out of breath after a walk of 25 yards. Extensive tests showed my heart and lungs were fine. No amount of determination or pushing myself using a cane or Nordic poles made any difference. I have been unable to walk more than a short distance since then, thus no walking for pleasure or travel that might involve the need to walk. It was suggested recently by a vestibular doctor that I might try a walker. Because I enjoy nature and the outdoors, I wanted an all-terrain walker. The ones I could find locally seemed suited only for pavement or lawns. Thus I purchased a Volaris Patrol which has been wonderful.
I can now walk for miles if I wish and have walked easily on trails in local parks. I have just returned from a holiday in Hawaii where I was able to walk long distances on dirt paths through tropical forests where the Patrol glided easily over roots and protruding stones. This is because of the Patrol's flexible frame and large wheels. Its design lets me walk within it and stand upright rather than leaning forward and pushing it ahead of me (except going up hills). It worked well on firm sand and gravel. I would not expect to push it through soft sand and gravel. I found that using the Patrol on rough terrain did require good hand and arm strength which is not a problem for me. I was glad I did not order the wide model as my standard width was better on narrow trails and in small shops. Airports were no problem as I placed my carry-on on the seat and walked all the way to the door of the plane where I folded the Patrol and left it. We chose a rental car with a trunk large enough to hold it. I am now considering further travel which I had thought beyond me. I hate to sound like a television infomercial, but the Volaris Patrol has changed my life in a very positive way.
Victoria, B.C.
"I have had my “chariot” two weeks now and I am totally thrilled. I suffered from mild polio in the early 60s and have no quads in the right thigh and the leg is much shorter. I managed to get through PE, played, taught and coached for years. 
Falling has been a part of my life but more so the past few years. After a bad fall, which I am still recovering from, I have been terrified to walk anywhere. Since I got my Patrol I walk my dog very day. We wander all over various terrain and I have gone on a great hike with friends across a meadow, up winding hills, seen spectacular scenery and made it home safe and sound. 
The walker is very light, easy to fold and one hand can lift it. (two to put in car neatly).
Being athletic but in my 60s, I resisted giving in to the walker but it has allowed me to go anywhere I want and feel safe doing it. This walker is great ! I tried a lot first. I especially like its design. It suits my personality.
Thanks for designing such a great support product."
Quispamsis, NB