Who is the Health Bounce BPOD™ for?



1)  Non-Sporty People & People with a Health Condition

      Rebounding is a moderate intensity physical activity.  It can be paced and adapted to everyone's ability and still provides excellent results. Another very important factor is SELF-CONFIDENCE! 

      By exercising in privacy and making progress, users have the chance to enter the active world of exercise and sport, too often reserved for the fit and healthy people.   

      Even those least confident with sports will find it possible to make some progress on the forgiving surface of a BPOD and this progress will help to boost confidence.

2)  Young Busy & Healthy People

      In today's world, TIME is precious, but HEALTH is even more precious!

      Using our BPOD™ is not only a Fun way to exercise, it is an efficient way!

      Studies by NASA scientists show that rebounding is 68% more effective than jogging and yet requires less effort!  You can also develop both the upper and lower body

      strength just as effectively as weight lifting without the strain or threat of pulled or torn muscles.  You can also exercise in the comfort of your home or your office.    


3)   Injured People

      The Main characteristic of rebounding is the LOW IMPACT on joints and low stress on tendons & ligaments.

      Exercising on a BPOD™ allows you to maintain a physical activity all over your body:  when you bounce, not only the lower body muscles but also the upper body muscles are working.

      The soft surface, but also the adjustable and flexible, circular handle hoop will help spread the effort but still keep all parts of the body active.


8892043-a-beautiful-woman-using-a-set-of-medical-crutches-to-help-her-walk-stock-photo.jpgyoung busy people2            young-busy-people2.jpg         man-in-wheelchair.jpg bpod-safest-and-most-practical2.jpg


4)   Elderly People

         Rebounding allows older people who can no longer jog, climb, run, etc...to keep active while sparing their body from the hard impact of regular exercise.   

       Bouncing improves lung and cardiovascular efficiency .  It increases the pulse rate and strengthens muscle  groups essential for a healthy cardiovascular system.

       With age comes a gradual loss of balance.  The action of bouncing while trying to maintain balance and coordinate bodily extremities calls on both sides of the body and

       improves bilateral motor  skills.   Trying to bounce in one place on a BPOD™ means you have to develop a keen sense of balance and awareness of your body's position.

5)    Physically Challenged People

       For the large majority of physically challenged people, physical activity is completely impossible.  The most fortunate will swim, but still this activity requires lots of organization and is time

       consuming to arrange.   

       The fun that bouncing provides to kids and adults alike will be enjoyed by physically challenged people as well.   This will have an extraordinary effect on their mood and their life. 

       In addition to the obvious benefit of the physical exercise, this psychological effect is major in the improvement of any person limited in their movement.

       Bouncing is safely possible for people in wheelchairs, but also for the blind and/or deaf people.

 young-girl-on-hb.jpg      elderlymenwalking2.jpg        man-on-wheelchair.png



Rebounding is extremely easy and fun.   Besides the obvious fitness benefits of BPOD™ it works many major muscles, increases your heart rate and flexibility, and improves your body balance and physical fitness, strengthens the body muscles, ligaments, tendons and improves body movement. 

Most importantly rebounding can eradicate obesity and promotes good health, which can also reduce the risk of arthritis.