Why Buy Volaris Rollator Walkers?

Looking for the Best Walker for Seniors (and young people too)?
Unlike many of today's walkers that are made in China, the Volaris rolling walker quality is immediately obvious.   Made in SWEDEN, the beautiful design and high quality materials, including extruded aluminum, put the Volaris walkers in a class by itself.   Yes, the Volaris is a more expensive rollator but buying a cheap rollator doesn't make a lot of sense when you are relying on it to keep you upright, safe, and moving.   Cheap rollators cannot be depended on, require a lot of servicing and have a short life.   You need to be able to count on your rollator every day. We have so many people contact us and tell us of the stories of their "cheap" walker that, literally, toppled them over at the first small bump in the road.   Handles and tires break off... here they had purchased a product that was suppose to support them in their quest for mobility and it was the very thing that took their mobility away.    This is too important a purchase to buy from China...
In addition, most rollators are painted metal and it won't be long before the paint begins to peel and chip and therefore be subject to rusting, which is not very attractive.   The Volaris walker is made of extruded aluminum and high grade plastics which will stay looking beautiful year after year.     
You will notice the design of the seat and frame is such that you are able to walk "within" the frame. This allows you to stand tall and straight because you can get really close without banging your knees into the seat. Therefore you are not bent over "pushing the rollator in front of you."
The Volaris rolling walker is designed to last for many years giving reliable service with a look you can be proud of. The X-frame will flex to allow curb climbing and will maintain all four wheels on the ground even when going over rough surfaces for excellent stability. There are many accessories available.
The Volaris mobility walkers with 8 inch tires make them ideal as an outdoor rollator, yet they are also excellent as an indoor walker.   The tires are a cushioned, quality rubber tire that makes a world of difference between rollators.
"We got Mother Inger a walker that will fit in the back of the MINI Cooper with both back seats up! Now I won't have to run next to the car when we take both moms out at the same time."
Philadelphia, PA
Here we show you the ergonomically designed and well cushioned comfort handle of the Volaris SMART walker.   The orange lever below the handle is the Travel Brake (like on a bicycle).   One of the most appreciated features of the Volaris is the unique Parking Brake located above the handle for locking all wheels.   To lock, it is a simple movement using your palm or fingers to slide the parking level forward, as shown above.   This movement requires such little effort, so those with arthritic conditions or weakness in their hands or wrists will find this incredibly easy to use.   The position of the Parking Brake makes it a quick and easy visual, unlike the typical locking mechanism for other rollators, which is under the handle and it sometimes takes a lot of dexterity and strength to lock the wheels.  With the Volaris it is smooth and easy for everyone. 
The Volaris walkers for seniors (and young people too)  come completely assembled - just roll it out of the box and it is ready to use.   Any accessories you order need to be installed by you and most are quick and easy to install, but we provide you with all the information and videos to assist you.
"This is Sandy (Norman's daughter)...I left my email for correspondence to him so I am writing this to you on his behalf.  
I am extremely pleased with your product and all the communications you provided for him during his purchase. I am a Physical Therapist with over 37 years experience and I am thrilled to have my Dad so independent with the Volaris. This walker is the ultimate!!! What a quality product!! I have shared all of the Volaris cards with my patients in my physical therapy office. Dad loves his new walker and shows it off to everyone he meets. He is quite the "Volaris Ambassador". We have a vacation in a few weeks to Virginia and I am glad he has this new mobility aid for our trip.  
Thank you again for all of your help."
Vineland, NJ
If you are looking for something better than what you typically see in rollator walkers, then you have come to the right place. 
No more "rocking" and rolling - just a smooth, sturdy and safe walker with wheels and seat that will give you the confidence to get out and keep moving!   A rugged, great looking wheeled walker with functions that are quick and easy. 
Call  1-866-315-9305 if we can assist you or email us customerservice@xlentcare.com for quick response to any questions you may have.  
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